5 Products You Need for the Perfect Hunting Trip

5 Products You Need for the Perfect Hunting Trip

 11 months ago

For an avid hunter, the Fall months are the best time of the year! We’ve been preparing for the start of hunting season since the last one ended, we’re getting in touch with our hunting buddies, arranging travel and camp plans, we’re ready to hit the bush and put our preparation to the test! So if you’re anything like us at BRS, then you’ll want to know about these 5 Products You Need for the Perfect Hunting Trip!


  1. Camp Chef Cast Iron Pots & Pans

Just like their entire line of products, Camp Chef Cast Iron pots, pans and sheets are made to the highest standards of quality. Anyone that’s cooked with cast iron can attest to the even heating area and the quality of food that the consistent heat produces. Whether you’re grilling up a T-bone steak or sautéing fresh veggies, the cast iron will cook your food to perfection.

Cast iron pots and pans are also naturally non-stick so you won’t have to load them up with unhealthy butter and oils.

Order Camp Chef cast iron online: https://brsbattery.com/product-category/equipment/camp-chef/


  1. SportDOG Collars

A hunter and its dog share an incredibly strong bond that’s built over the hours of long hunting sessions and countless hours of preparation. The Sport Dog line of electronic training systems have enabled hunters with the tools and information needed to train their dog to be the best K9 companion it can be.

The SportDOG TEK Series of GPS tracking collars display your dog’s collar location, along with your location, on the handheld device’s screen. This is the perfect collar for a hunt dog that loves to get in on the action!

Order SportDOG collars online: https://brsbattery.com/product-category/battery/battery-sport-dog/


  1. 100W Solar Panels

Going off-the-grid is something that most hunters look forward to when they head out on their seasonal hunts. But in today’s world, power is often a necessity. 100W solar panels are the modern hunter’s best friend because they are easy to set up and can provide enough power for LED lights, a coffee maker, radio system, cell phone charge, and much more!

Order 100W Solar Panels online for just $189.99:  https://brsbattery.com/product/ews-90m-36/


  1. ATV Batteries

Hunting is one thing, getting there is another! If you’re heading out to the hunt camp with your ATV or side-by-side, you’ll need to make sure that your toys have enough juice for the trip. The last thing you want is to run out of battery when it’s time to haul a big buck back to the camp.

Order ATV batteries online:  https://brsbattery.com/product-category/battery/battery-atv-snowmobile-moto/


  1. Makita Chainsaws

A Makita chainsaw is the perfect tool to bring with you to the hunt camp. Whether you’re gathering firewood or clearing up space for the tree stand, you need a chainsaw that can get the job done easily! We also offer chainsaw sharpening, so if you think your chainsaw needs a tune up bring it in and have it serviced by the BRS professionals!

Makita chainsaws are available in store at 3450 ON-144 in Chelmsford.




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