7 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts from BRS

7 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts from BRS

 1 year ago

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, and if you’re anything like me then you still haven’t picked out a gift for the old man. Luckily for you (and for me), BRS has a bunch of awesome products that will definitely be better than what you got him last year! I’ve put together this quick list of 7 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts from BRS.



1. CampChef Pro 60X Two-Stove Burner

Everyone’s dad claims to be a “grill master”. But how many of them actually are?! Well, your dad will definitely be feeling like a grill master with the CampChef Pro 60X Two-Burner Stove! This stove is as versatile as it gets – portable, durable, and reliable. Perfect for the backyard or at the campsite. With two powerful burners, built-in leg levers, and matchless ignition, the Pro 60X Two-Burner Stove from CampChef is the best option for outdoor cooking. Don’t forget the cast iron dutch oven!

Pro 60X Two-Stove Burner $369.95: www.brsbattery.com/product/db60d/

Cast Iron Dutch Oven $85.20: www.brsbattery.com/product/do12/



2. TeraPump TRFA01 Fuel Transfer Pump

It’s tough to see our parents grow older and struggle with tasks that used to be no problem for them. The TeraPump TRFA01 battery-powered fuel transfer pump will relieve your dad of the heavy lifting that comes with operating most gas-powered equipment. The 35” discharge hose with its no-spill auto-stop nozzle and flexible intake hose will keep the garage and worksite clean from any spills so dad has even less work to do. Save the heavy lifting and save the spills – get a TeraPump TRFA01!

TeraPump TRFA01 $59.99: www.brsbattery.com/product/trfa01/





3. Makita Variable Speed Jigsaw

Remember when your dad built you that skateboard ramp or treehouse? He probably still has the same old jigsaw that he used way back then. Get him a Makita Variable Speed Jigsaw this Father’s Day so that he can make the most accurate cuts on his next project. BRS is also a certified repair centre for all Makita power tools so you know that we trust the products we sell!

Makita Variable Speed Jigsaw $103.74: www.brsbattery.com/product/4329k/




4. Solar Panel System

You wouldn’t have known it at the time, but your father probably made some major sacrifices to give you a happy, social life. Oftentimes this means moving to the suburbs or a neighbourhood close to schools and society. And who wants to live in the suburbs or close to society?! Help your dad go off-the-grid with a complete solar system from BRS! Our team of solar energy experts will help with everything he’ll need, from panels to wiring and everything in between! For a limited time only, 100W solar panels are $189.99 each!

Solar Panel Kit: www.brsbattery.com/product-category/battery/solar/




5. NOCO Genius 3500 Charger  

Whether it’s for his truck, car, ATV, or even his riding lawnmower, your dad should always have a portable battery charger handy. The NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer is the perfect tool to have on hand! It automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges, and maintains batteries to protect against polarity, short circuits, open circuits, sparks, overcurrent, and overcharge. This handy little device will definitely be put to use by your dad!

NOCO Genius Charger 3500MAH $89.99: www.brsbattery.com/product/g3500/




6. Briggs & Stratton Generators

Don’t let dad get caught in the dark! Everyone should have a generator handy for their home or cottage in case of a power outage or other kind of emergency situation. The Briggs and Stratton PowerSmart Series is the perfect line of generators for the job – light, quiet, and safe for sensitive electronics!

Briggs & Stratton 2000W $889.99: www.brsbattery.com/product/2000-watt-briggs-and-sstratton-inverter-generator/

Briggs & Stratton 3000W $1,515.00: www.brsbattery.com/product/3000watt-briggs-and-stratton-inverter-generator/




7. Riding Lawnmowers

Let’s face it – dad’s getting older and cutting the grass isn’t getting any easier. Unless you’re willing to do the job yourself, you might want to consider getting him a Columbia riding lawnmower. A riding lawnmower will help reduce the stress and strain that is put on the back and lower body when cutting the grass. We also sell a bunch of different Bercomac attachments like the broom and tine tillers.

Lawn Equipment: www.brsbattery.com/product-category/equipment/lawn-equipment/




Time to Shop!

See! Shopping for dad doesn’t have to be that hard! Now that you know of 7 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts from BRS, order them online or come into the shop today!


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