How To Use A Tera Pump TRFA01

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How To Use A Tera Pump TRFA01

How To Use A Tera Pump

The TeraPump TRFA01 fuel transfer pump is easy use…  there’s only 5 easy steps to transfer gas fast… 

Here's How To Use A Tera Pump:

Step 1: Attach the adaptor to your gas can


Step 2: Insert intake hose into your gas can


Step 3: Securely screw pump head onto your gas can


Step 4: Clip outtake hose to the tank you want to fill 


Step 5: Press the green “ON” button and the fuel will transfer until stopped - either automatically or manually.  


*The pump will stop automatically when the sensor is activated or you can stop it yourself by simply pressing the red “OFF” button.* 


It’s that simple and easy!


Watch the video below to see a demonstration: