Innovative – Fun – Reliable, SnowDog

Innovative – Fun – Reliable, SnowDog

 2 years ago

We are now carrying the innovative, fun and reliable SnowDog!

The SnowDog is a radically different alternative to the snowmobile tailored towards the hunter, trapper or fisherman who wants an affordable, compact and highly versatile snow machine. This beast is capable of maneuvering across ice, snow and land at moderate speeds and some models can easily carry a load of 1000 pounds!

From Northern Ontario to Russia, outdoors enthusiasts are raving about the versatility and affordability of the SnowDog!

The model in this graphic is the B13ME-S-SC with the attached 1450 sled and seat combo. The SnowDog is $4499.00 and the sled and seat accessories are available at an additional cost.

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