Now Offering the Sudbury Area the Generlink

Now Offering the Sudbury Area the Generlink

 2 years ago

BRS Battery Ltd is now offering for the Sudbury area the Generlink.It is a 5 inch unit that is installed behind your meter which, when you run out of hydro, you plug your generator in and powers your house. There’s a transfer switch built in that prevents damage when the power comes back on and will not send electricity from your generator to the power lines.

30A Generlink includes unit/surge protection unit, 8000 Briggs and Sratton generator/20′ cord /installation and coordination with Hydro to disconnect/reconnect

All for $3550.50
These will power up basic necessities such as lights, furnace, sump pump, fridge and freezers (30 amp unit not recommended for stove or dryer). Don’t be affected with power failures in the future!


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