Emergency Inverter Sump Pump Back Up Kit w/ Lithium Battery


Emergency Inverter Sump Pump Back Up Kit w/ Lithium Battery

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Inverter/Charger EVO-1212F

Samlex Evolution™ Series inverter/chargers provide reliable AC power wherever it’s needed and can be used with Lead Acid or Lithium Batteries. 


The EVO™ F Series are smaller and compact, with slightly less standard output power of 1200 Watts and a 60 Amp programmable charger, than our regular EVO™ Series. 


It comes with all the standard features of our regular series which makes it a good choice for handling short duration heavy surge loads at the reduced cost of a smaller inverter. 


It is good for use in boats, RVs, cabins, and specialty vehicles, as well as alternative energy, back-up and emergency power applications.


3 Year Limited Warranty

Adaptive Battery Charger Option for Lead Acid Batteries

  • 6 programmable charging profiles – 2, 3 and 4 stages with Equalization
  • Algorithm monitoring in the Bulk Stage assesses the battery’s condition. The remaining charging stages are based on the battery’s condition rather than a pre-set charging time.
  • Reduces excess charging time and extends life of battery


Transfer Switch

  • Zero transfer time when switching from Inverter to AC input source. When AC input source comes on, the inverter synchronizes with the incoming wave form and then transfers instantly at zero crossing without interruption to the load.


Surge Capacity (Active Power Boost)

  • The inverter has a surge capability of 3X its continuous power rating, allowing it to turn on loads with high starting surge.
  • Inverter loads can exceed the continuous power output by the Power Boost Allowances without triggering and overload fault.
  • There is no need to upsize to a larger inverter/charger to handle a heavy surge load, resulting in reduced costs.


Solar Input

  • Connect a solar charge controller (up to 50A) directly to the EVO™ though the Battery Charger External DC Input
  • External charging current is monitored to free up more power from the grid to be available to the load while charging.
  • ONLINE Mode can be used to prioritize Batteries/Inverter over the grid, ideal for those who want to operate primarily on solar power, even when the grid is available (when grid is costly).


State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Multiple physical points of protection monitoring are scanned up to 10,000 times per second to detect adverse internal and external conditions.
  • The EVO™ is practically indestructible. The EVO™ will detect fault conditions and initiate a healthy shutdown before any damage can be done.


AC Input / Output Option

  • AC Power Cord Inlet and Duplex GFCI outlet: EVO-1212F/1224F; hardwired: EVO-1212F-HW/1224F-HW
  • The EVO-RC-PLUS remote control (sold separately) can be used to capture detailed EVO™ performance data, stored on a removable 16GB SD Card. Advanced features for programming various parameters and modes of operation. 4 rows of 20 character alpha numeric LCD display for messaging.
  • The EVO™ uses five temperature sensors placed throughout the unit to determine operation of 2 speed controlled cooling fans. Reduces unnecessary fan noise and energy consumption by only running when and where the fans are needed.

Inverter Specs

Input: 12 VDC

Output: 120 VAC

Watts: 1200 Watts

Surge: 3600

Outlets: GFCI

Fuse: External

Weight: 38.8 lbs

Weight: 17.6 kg

Dimensions: 12.76 x 16.34 x 5.83 in

Dimensions: 324 x 415 x 148 mm

Safety: Intertek-ETL listed: Certified to CAN/CSA STD. C22.2 No. 107.1-01; Conforms to ANSI/UL 

STD.458. Certified to FCC Part 15(B), Class A

Battery Specs:

100ah Deep Cycle LiFePO4 / Lithium BRS Super Battery.




Type (chimie) / Type (Chemistry)


Couleur / Colour


Format / Size


Hauteur / Height

8.7" / 220 mm

Largeur / Width

6.8" / 172 mm

Longueur / Length

13" / 330 mm

Numéro de pièce/modèle / Part/Model Number


Capacité de réserve @ 20A / Reserve Capacity @ 20A (minutes)


Type de terminal / Terminal Type

Insésé M8 Insert




Nominal Voltage / Voltage nominal: 12.8V

Nominal Capacity / Capacité nominale (25°C, 1.0C): ≥ 98Ah

Voltage Range / Plage de voltage: 9.6 to/à 14.6V

Float Charge Voltage / Voltage de charge d’entretien: 13.8V

Max. Continuous Discharge Current / Courant de décharge continu max: 100A

Max. Pulse Discharge Current / Courant de décharge de pointe max. (10 sec): 120A

Max. Continuous Charge Current / Courant de charge continu max: 100A


Cycle Life / Nombre de cycles (25°C, 1.0C, 100% DOD): > 2500 Cycles


Operating Temperature / Température d’opération 


Discharge / Décharge: -20°C to/à 60°C


Charge: 0°C to/à 60°C


Storage Temperature / Température d’entreposage: -20°C to/à 45°C

Storage duration / Durée d’entreposage:12 Months/mois @ 25°C


IP rating / Cote IP: IP55


The best part is,  this battery comes with a 3 Year Warranty.


Yes.. You are completely protected for a full 36 months. 


Kit Includes:



WPL31---  WPL31 battery GR31 LiFePO4 12V 100AH 

BS5125 -- (WPL-12100)  100A 'ANL' FUSE 

BS5005 --- ANL FUSE BLOCK 30 - 300A 




105038-050 --- 6AWG 3/8 COPPER LUG 

105037-10 --   5/16" 6AWG COPPERLUG 

5661-001B --- 1/2" Shrink Tube Black Per Inch 

5661-001R --- 1/2" Shrink Tube Red Per Inch 




You are protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Specific Warranty Options: Tera Pump Fuel & Liquid Pumps: 1 Year Warranty. BRS Super Battery: 2 or 10 Year Warranty. BRS Super Battery Lithium: 3 Year Warranty. Power Wheels Batteries and Chargers: 6 Month Warranty. Please contact us for all other product specific warranty options.

I have been using this pump all summer to keep my boat, lawn tractor and a whole bunch of other stuff filled up around here. I still use 5 gallon containers for their portability and even with 10 of those I'll have to fill them twice to get through the summer. This pump has been great for my needs. If you are sick and tired of having to hold a 5 gallon container of fuel in the air while attempting to get those funky nozzles to work, buy this pump.


I have two of these and found them really useful. No more spillled gas and pumps fast!

K. Fairfield

So far it’s working as well as I had hoped. Nothing is perfect when trying to transfer gas, but this does a very decent job. You need to make sure to lift the nozzle and hose up at the end of the fuel transfer to allow any residual fuel to run back into the tank or it will dribble out all over. It empties most of a five gallon gas can in a couple minutes without having to lift and hold the can up which is exactly what I wanted.

V. Thomas