Grapole - MiniGrap - Fire Pit Multi-Tool With Short Handle

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The minigrap Grapole® is our 39″ fire poker and compliments the backyard fire bowl or chiminea and also works great with the indoor wood stove.

• Claws are strategically bent and welded to accommodate many types and sizes of objects
• Solid steel construction
• Powder coated paint
• 3M reflective decals to help you find it in the night
• Mid-shaft grip is black nitrile, medium density foam tubing for comfort and durability
• Resistant to oils and fuels, UV resistant with anti-degradants
• Handle utilizes double dipped synthetic rubber coating for a comfortable, controlled grip that will not crack or peel under normal use and minimal care

If you don’t burn directly off the ground this would be the recommended version.

Product dimensions: 98cm x 13cm x 10cm   1.3 kg  –  (39″ x 5″ x 4″  2.9 lbs.)

With minimal care our fire pokers will provide generations of fire pit convenience.


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