The Ultimate Ice Hut from BRS

The Ultimate Ice Hut from BRS

 9 months ago

You may have heard the old saying “life comes at ya fast”, but as every Canadian knows… Winter comes even faster! But not even winter can stop Canadians from doing what they love. Even when dealing with ice, snow, and freezing temperatures for nearly half the year, Canadians are an active bunch that love the great outdoors. Some of our favourite winter activities include skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hockey, and of course – ice fishing!

If you’re an avid ice fisher, then you know how much time you’ll be spending in your ice hut this winter. To make those long hours spent on the lake even more enjoyable, we put together this list of products that will transform your ice hut from ordinary to extraordinary!


100W Solar Panels

As great as it is to go off-the-grid and escape into the great outdoors, it is impractical and frankly dangerous to head out onto the lake for a long period of time without any power to provide light and heat. And when it gets dark before 5 pm and the temperature is below -30, you’re going to want lighting and heating in your ice hut!

A 100W solar panel can generate enough energy to power 12V LED lights and a 9000BTU portable heater, so you can fish all through the night and on the coldest of days.


Camp Chef Propane Products

You can eat even when the fish aren’t biting when you have a Camp Chef propane grill! Camp Chef’s lightweight and portable designs make it easier than ever to eat like royalty when out on the frozen lakes of Canada.

The Camp Chef Expedition 3X Three-Burner Stove features three 30,000 BTU burners for massive cooking power, a three-sided windscreen and matchless ignition for convenient cooking in all conditions. With so much cooking space, this 3-burner camp stove gives you versatility in the outdoors; you can mix-and-match the griddle with any of the other Camp Chef 16” cooking system accessories such as a grill box or cast-iron Dutch oven.


Jiffy Augers

As anglers, we take great pride in our “secret spots”. But in the wintertime, getting to those secret spots requires cutting a hole in the ice so we can drop our lines in the deep, cold water. One thing you don’t want to forget on your ice fishing trip is an ice auger!

Whether you prefer gas, electricity, or good ol elbow grease to power your ice auger, Jiffy Augers will get the job done cleanly and effortlessly!


Snow Dog

No matter how near or your favourite ice fishing spot may be from your home or cottage, getting there can be as great of an experience as reeling in a big catch after a long day. But Canada’s frozen landscape can be beautiful yet damning, so when you’re on the lake or on the trails, you need a reliable machine to make sure you arrive safely.

The SnowDog is a more affordable alternative to the snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle, tailored to hunters, trappers, ice fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts. With a compact and highly versatile machine, the operator can sit comfortably in a sled with an abundance of room to carry gear and supplies. With a machine like SnowDog, hard work turns into a fun adventure.


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