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We Buy Scrap Batteries

Q: Does my battery come fully charged?

Should I charge my ATV battery in the off season when not in use?

Should I charge my battery after I am done plowing with my ATV?

What position can my battery be mounted?

How do I find out what battery fits my unit?

What is the voltage of a fully charged battery?

What makes your batteries different than everyone else’s?

What is the warranty period on my new battery?

What can cause a new battery to fail shortly after installation?

Does starting my motorcycle/snowmobile during off season?

What do I do if I bought the battery a month ago and it’s bad?

The picture of your replacement has the poles on the battery switched. Am I missing something?

Just received a battery but no way to screw cables onto it. looks like the screws were left out. Where can i get the block and screws???

I got this battery for my jetski. Do you have to attach the vent hose to this? -- Do i have to vent this battery? --

This has a different post than the hd oem battery. Does it connect without some sort of adapter?

What do I do with the warranty? Who is it through -- Amazon? -- How do I claim my warranty?

Do I need to fill the battery? Why Can't I fill it myself?

Can this battery be charged with a battery tender for the first charge?

Is this a Premium AGM battery?

What country was this battery made in?

What size screws come with this battery?

Does this battery need a special charger?

Can this battery be installed on its side in a snowmobile? No leaking ?

What is the lifespan of this battery?

Does the battery come with new hardware?

What is the best maintenance advice? Do I hook up the trickle charger? What are charging amps?

How do I tell the age of this battery?

What kind of battery charger is used to charge this battery, as it is agm? At what discharge level should this battery be recharged for maximum life?

I've heard that if you accidentally leave a light on or something, and drain the battery, it kills it and it won't take a charge. Is that true?

Is this a deep cycle battery?

Are the terminals threaded?

Is this battery rechargeable

How long will my motorcycle run off this battery before having to charge it?

I didn't ride it over the winter and now the battery is dead. Tried charging it but it's not charged at all. Is it normal?

Is there a cross reference guide available?

Is this battery load tested?