About BRS Battery Ltd.


BRS introduced a reconditioning service to the Sudbury area. We could reverse heavy sulfated lead acid batteries that were discarded and bring them back into service. Mining, commercial and industrial companies took advantage of this service to help with their battery expenses and operating costs. We have done 1000's of batteries!


In order to continue growth BRS introduced new battery sales. We could offer batteries for cars, commercial equipment, rv, solar and ATV's.



Due to the increased interest in the alternative energy, BRS added a full line of products to accommodate the rv and cottagers! We received factory training and now have extensive knowledge of our market.



BRS Battery Ltd was incorporated and moved to a new location to sustain our growth. We have made partnerships with major manufacturers and now offer forklift, train and industrial batteries. We also presented a complete retail area to showcase all of our products.(batteries/solar/water system etc).



The new location, advertising campaign, product selection and professional services assisted us to reach unbelievable growth in sales. It was time for us again to diversify. Although the bulk of our customers were industrial most "retail" customers were cottagers that owned land. There was a demand to have equipment to provide for these clienteles. Not only did we introduce the MTD, DR Equipment, Tanaka, Makita line up but provided parts and service.



We are now authorized service center for most major brands of tools.(Makita, Milwaukee, Ridgid, Dewalt, Black & Decker, Ryobi). As well we have all the Oregon,Wallenstein and DR equipment for the loggers out there! We provide sharpening and custom chain!



BRS Battery Ltd now also rents equipment. We have now available the Camp Chef products. We are well positioned to help any homesteaders!



A new website was developed to educate our customers on all the products and services we can now offer. We also have Ecommerce which some of our products are available.



BRS Battery is now focused on our connecting with our roots to service the battery needs of both household and the industrial sectors. We carry everything from hearing aid batteries to locomotive and industrial batteries.







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