We Buy Scrap Lead Acid Batteries



We Buy Scrap LEAD ACID Batteries!

If You Have Any Lead Acid Batteries We Will Pay You Cash. 

We Pay .13 Cents Per Pound

If you have a lot of batteries they must be on a skid 3 layers high with cardboard in between and wrapped with skid wrap

They have to be lead acid batteries ONLY.

The skid cannot be mixed with other battery types. 

If you are an out of town customer, you are welcome to bring us batteries in the manner above...

If you are out of the province, we suggest you have a minimum of Half A Truck Load and we will cover all shipping costs to our facility.  


♻️  Do You Have Any Old Household Batteries Laying Around? ♻️

Laptop Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries 

Drill Packs

or any other: 






Help save the environment and let us recycle them for you.

We do not pay for these batteries, but the good news is that you will be doing your part to help clean up the environment. 

To find the lead acid battery scrap price please contact us. 

If you have any questions, give us a call 705-855-0473 or send an email to andy.mainville@brsbattery.com 

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