Don’t Let Your Battery Become A “Door Stop...”

In the battery industry we have an inside joke about people who have piles of old batteries laying around… and we call them “Door Stops..” 

The reason why so many batteries end up as “Door Stops” in shops is due to lack of people not properly maintaining their batteries by not charging them on a regular basis!
For Example:
Most ATVs today are EFI and have a computer on board so there is a constant drain on the battery to keep the computer energized for the odometer reading, clock, GPS, ect.
Now, when you add accessories like running hand warmers, stereo, winch, and plows it causes very high power surges on the battery.
Most atv’s are not used often enough or are not running long enough to maintain the battery. 
For example, let’s say there’s been a heavy snow fall and you need to clear the driveway so you use the hand warmers and winch for plowing. 
This discharges the battery considerably.
Then you park your unit and go into the house. 
If you don’t recharge your battery this causes sulfation on the battery plates.
Here’s The Problem… 
The stators ( built in alternator)  on these units are not adequate to recharge the battery in a short amount of time..
So when you park your unit and go into the house without recharging it, the battery is completely discharged.
On top of that… When your unit stays parked for a prolonged length of will constantly drain the battery which is already depleted.
The Result… 
The next time you go to start your unit… the battery is now dead and won’t start!
This is because of the sulfation build up on the plates from the battery being discharged.
The Solution… 
Connect a battery maintainer and charger to your unit after each use to give you peace of mind when you are ready to go!
If you do this, your battery can last 8-12 years! 
The Moral of The Story… 
Just get in the habit of connecting the charger after you run your toys!
And… Don’t Let Your Battery Become A “Door Stop...”
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