PumpMatic Stick Pump w/ Auto-Stop Sensor & 4.25 Ft Hose


PumpMatic Stick Pump w/ Auto-Stop Sensor & 4.25 Ft Hose

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Introducing the SGSP10 - Your Portable Liquid Transfer Solution!


Tired of struggling with messy and cumbersome liquid transfers? Say hello to convenience with the SGSP10! This innovative handheld pump is here to revolutionize the way you move liquids, whether it's gasoline, water, light oil, or other non-corrosive liquids.



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1 Year Full Replacement Warranty

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

*Gas Can Not Included*

*Batteries Not Included*


Key Features:


Compatible Liquids: Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, e85, Non-Potable Water, Light Oil, or other Non-Corrosive Liquids.


Long 4.25ft Hose: The Super Gas Stick Pump 10 features a generous 4.25ft hose, providing ample reach for versatile liquid transfer tasks. Whether you're refueling vehicles, emptying containers, or tackling emergency situations, this extended hose length offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to access liquids with ease from various distances.


Auto-Stop Sensor: Equipped with an intelligent auto-stop sensor, the SGSP10 automatically shuts off when the liquid reaches the desired level, preventing spills and overflows. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you won't waste a drop of precious fuel or other liquids.



Suction Turbine Pipe: Acting as a suction turbine, the specially designed intake pipe of the Super Gas Stick Pump 10 maximizes suction power during liquid transfers. Engineered to efficiently draw liquids from containers, this pipe ensures swift and hassle-free pumping, making it ideal for various applications. With the Super Gas Stick Pump 10's suction turbine pipe, you'll experience unparalleled efficiency and performance with every use.




Superior Performance: With a delivery volume of 3.2 gallons per minute (12 liters per minute), this pump boasts super suction power, thanks to its impeller technology. Transfer a gallon of liquid in less than 30 seconds – lightning speed at your fingertips!


Multi-Functional: From gasoline to kerosene, diesel to light oils, and e85, this pump is designed to handle a wide range of liquids. It's perfect for use in the garage, aquariums, at home, or in the yard. With a suction tube diameter of 1 inch and a length of 16 inches, it fits various fuel containers, including 3 to 5-gallon gas cans, jerrycans, and pail buckets.


Easy to Use: No more spills or heavy lifting! Simply install 4 AA batteries (not included), press a button, and watch as the pump effortlessly transfers liquid with just one hand. It's a lifesaver for your back and a time-saver for your projects.


High-Quality Construction: Our pump is made with strict manufacturing standards to ensure reliable performance. Rest assured, the liquid stays where it should – inside the tube. Plus, we offer a one-year guarantee for your peace of mind.


No Gas Can Adaptor Required: Unlike traditional pumps that require a separate gas can adaptor, the Super Gas Stick Pump 10 is designed to fit directly onto most fuel containers. Simply insert the suction tube, press the button, and start transferring – it's that easy!



Clip Holder: With a sturdy clip holder, you can securely attach the nozzle to the pump when not in use, preventing loss or misplacement. Keep everything organized and within reach for hassle-free liquid transfers every time.

PumpMatic SGSP10


Nozzle Cap: The Super Gas Stick Pump 10 features a durable nozzle cap designed not only to protect the nozzle from dust, debris, and damage but also to minimize any excess fuel drips. Keep your pump clean, efficient, and mess-free with this convenient addition.


No-Kink Hose: Built with a durable no-kink hose construction, the Super Gas Stick Pump 10 ensures uninterrupted liquid flow during transfers. Say goodbye to frustrating kinks and bends that impede the pumping process. With its robust design, this hose guarantees smooth and efficient operation, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without worrying about hose obstructions.


Portable and Convenient: Cordless, lightweight, and portable, the Super Gas Stick Pump 10 can be used anywhere, anytime. Whether you're filling up your car, boat, lawn equipment, or even winterizing, this pump is your go-to solution.


Don't let liquid transfers be a hassle any longer. Upgrade to the Super Gas Stick Pump 10 and experience the ease and efficiency you deserve. Say goodbye to spills and messes – switch it on and let the Turbo syphon technology do the work for you!


Grab yours today and make liquid transfers a breeze!



Discharge Hose Length: 4.25 feet / 51 Inches / 130cm

Suction Tube / Intake Pipe Length: 19 Inch / 48cm

Powered by 4xAA Batteries

Delivery Volume: 3.2 GPM / 12 LPM

Auto Stop Sensor on Nozzle


You are protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Specific FULL REPLACEMENT Warranty Options: BRS Super Gas Pumps: 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty. BRS Super Battery: 30 Days, 2 Years, or 10 Years Full Replacement Warranty with NO PRORATION. BRS Super Charger: 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty. Fisher Price Power Wheels / Peg Perego Batteries and Chargers: 6 Months Full Replacement Warranty. Please contact us for all other product specific warranty options.

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