BRS4L-BS 30 Day Warranty Battery & Smart Charger / Maintainer Combo Bundle Kit


BRS4L-BS 30 Day Warranty Battery & Smart Charger / Maintainer Combo Bundle Kit

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    • BATTERY TYPE: Maintenance-Free

    • VOLTAGE: 12V

    • C.C.A. (-18°C / 0°F): 60


    • COLOR: Black

    • DIMENSIONS: 4.43" L x 2.75" W x 3.37" H

    • LENGTH: 4.43" (112.52 mm)

    • WIDTH: 2.75" (69.85 mm)

    • HEIGHT: 3.37" (85.59 mm)

  • BRAND: BRS BATTERY LTD. / BRS SuperBattery
      • TERMINAL TYPE: 5       

      • WEIGHT: 3.17 lb. / 1.43 kg.


      Replacement Battery  for  YTX4L-BS, WPX4L-BS, CTX4L-BS, CYTX4L-BS, GTX4L-BS, YTX4LBSFP, M62X4B, ES4LBS, PTX4L-BS, and many more…




      Check Out What Luke From Dirt Trax TV Had To Say...





      ✅   Experience High Performance Power When You Start Your ATV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, UTV/ SXS, Jet-Ski, Dirt bike, or Scooter. The BRS Super Battery can handle anything you can throw at it:

      ✅  Rough terrain, hill jumps, muddy swamps, rough waters, and long rides are no problem. 

      ✅  Your toys will start and run strong without a problem. 

      ✅  The BRS Super Battery is built to last and that's why we stand behind our batteries 100% for a FULL 30 Days With No Proration! That means if your battery does not perform as promised we will replace it at no additional cost to you.

      Stop Wasting Money On Batteries

      You may not know this... but the problem with most  batteries on the market is that the plates are damaged and "fried" before you even install it.

      It doesn't matter if you buy them from your local auto parts store or online, there is a chance that you are buying a "low performing" battery.

      Here's why... most stores, retailers, and distributors unknowingly damage your battery because they do 4 things:

      1. They "fast drain" the electrolyte into the battery.

      2. They do not let the electrolyte fully absorb into the plates completely.

      3. They do not fully form the virgin plates.  

      4. They "fast charge" the battery which damages the plates from Day 1. 

      This is reason why most batteries don't last and have subpar performance.

      What makes the BRS Super Battery different is that we invented a 5 step process to increase the performance and lifespan of your battery.

      We've been in the battery business since 2003 and our company was founded on rejuvenating and repairing locomotive and industrial batteries, so we've seen everything you can think of when it comes to batteries. 

      That's why we are so confident in our batteries that we stand behind them with a peace of mind, worry-free, full replacement warranty. 

      Now, let's talk about something you and others might consider when looking for a new battery. 

      You see some people choose a battery by price.

      Some people believe that you just find the cheapest battery, install it, and ride for years.

      But things might not work out like that, in some cases this cheap battery doesn't last very long and you are stuck buying replacement batteries, it adds up over the years...

      "We know we aren't the cheapest batteries on the market but we can guarantee you are 100% protected for a full 30 Days, this means that if your battery does not perform as promised we will replace it at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS TO YOU...  with NO PRORATION on your warranty, so you are 100% Covered." - Andy Mainville, BRS Battery President

      As you know the cheapest price means you sacrifice quality and you don't get a peace of mind, worry-free, no-hassle, full replacement warranty.

      If you're ready to stop wasting money on replacement batteries, it's time to upgrade to a BRS Super Battery. 

      You can save up to $400 on replacement batteries when you upgrade to a High Performance BRS Super Battery. 


      "My name is Andy Mainville, President of BRS Battery Ltd.  I created the BRS Super Battery for power sports riders like us because I was tired of wasting money on replacement batteries... I wanted a high performance battery that lasts.  In fact, our batteries will last 8 - 10+ years if you maintain them with one of our Smart Chargers..."

      Meet The BRS Super Battery:

      ✅  Experience High Performance Power When You Start Your ATV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, UTV/ SXS, Jet-Ski, Dirt bike, or Scooter. The BRS Super Battery can handle anything you can throw at it:

      ✅ Rough terrain, hill jumps, muddy swamps, rough waters, and long rides are no problem. 

      ✅ Your toys will start and run strong without a problem. 

      ✅  The BRS Super Battery is built to last and that's why we stand behind our batteries 100% with a No-Hassle, Peace of Mind, Full Replacement Warranty  With No Proration! That means if your battery does not perform as promised we will replace it at no additional cost to you! 




      ✅  100% Charged and Ready To Go When It Arrives To You!


      ✅  Non-Spillable Sealed Design


      ✅  AGM Technology Allows Repeated Charges and Discharges Without Diminished Performance


      ✅  Long-Lasting Performance Even In Demanding Applications


      ✅ Shock & Vibration Resistant


      ✅ High Performance Maintenance-Free OEM Battery For All Power Sports Vehicles such as Motorcycles, ATV's, Side by Sides, UTV's, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, and more.

      ✅  Permanently sealed special absorbed-glass mat battery eliminates water loss. No need to add any liquid to the battery


      ✅ Holds charge three times longer than conventional batteries


      ✅ High performance active material with anti-sulfation additive


      ✅  High capacity and cranking performance


      ✅ Maintenance Free – No additional water needed


      ✅ Sealed Valve Regulated


      ✅ Spill and Leak Proof


      ✅  Deep discharge protection


      ✅  Plate grids from lead-calcium alloy, free of antimony

      ✅ Long Shelf – Charged and ready for use


      ✅  Excellent starting and cycling


      ✅ Installs in any position except upside down 



      This bundle includes the BRS Super Charger BRS612 6V/12V Fully Automatic Battery Maintainer & Rejuvenator Specifications:

      Type: Automatic

      Input voltage range: 100-120 

      Vac Input frequency: 50/60 Hz 

      Output: 1000 mA @ 6 V/12 V 

      Size (L*W*H): 105 x 68 x 35 mm 

      Weight: 0.5 kg 

      Approvals: UL/cUL, FCC, CEC

      Warranty: 12 months Manufacturer's Warranty (1 Year)


      Automatic Three Step Charge Control

      Automatic Maintenance ; Never Overcharges Your Battery

      Output Protection Against Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity and Overload

      The BRS Super Charger BRS612 Smart Charger is designed for hassle free charging and rejuvenation of your AGM battery. 

      Always keep your AGM Super Battery maintained & fully charged for peak performance and longevity. 

      This intelligent charger is 100% fully automatic and shuts off when the battery is fully charged. 

      Using the BRS Super Charger BRS612  is very simple to use: 

      Connect the clamps to your battery and plug it into an outlet. 

      The BRS Super Charger BRS612 will stop charging the battery when the voltage is reached to avoid overload.

      Proper battery maintenance is essential in prolonging the life of your batteries. 

      If nothing is done, your battery will lose its power… usually  around 0.5 to 1% every day. 

      In approximately 3 months if you allow your  battery to completely discharge, you could damage it. It may freeze or sulphate. 

      This phenomenon occurs when the electrons do not move fast enough in the battery, sulphate then glues to the plates and cannot be removed.  

      This smart charger is equipped with protection against reversed polarity. 

      For conventional and sealed batteries. 3 LED lights indicating the state of charge of the battery. 

      This kit also includes the Eyelet Plug Adapter for your

      BRS Super Charger BRS612 Smart Charger / Maintainer. 

      eyelet charger adapter   

      This adapter is a life saver because you can fasten it to your battery under your seat panel to feed out from under the seat so you can plug in the battery maintainer without taking the battery out of those hard to reach spaces. 

       eyelet charger adaptor on battery




      Again… You Are Covered By Our Free Replacement 30 Day Warranty


      Our Worry Free, No Hassle 30 Day Warranty Protects You 100% In Event You Need Your Battery Replaced For Performance Issues. 


      Stop Wasting Money On Replacement Batteries and Install A BRS SuperBattery! 



      BRS Super Battery Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

      Do I have to charge this before use?

      • Your Super Battery arrives fully charged and ready to go on arrival, right out of the box. To keep your battery in optimal condition and peak performance, we recommend keeping your battery on a smart charger / maintainer, when not in use.

      Is it the same battery for all warranties?

      • Yes, all of our batteries are supercharged high performance AGM batteries. The only difference is the warranty period. 

      Why do you have 3 types of warranty for the same quality battery? 

      • We try to accommodate all budgets in these hard times.

      Do I still need a maintainer?

      • Yes, in order to maintain your battery performance we recommend keeping your battery on a smart charger / maintainer when not in use. We use the Super Charger BRS612

      Is it difficult to process a warranty claim?

      • No, not at all. It’s super easy. Simply complete the short warranty claim form here and we will help you troubleshoot any issues or replace your battery at no additional costs to you.

      Where can I find the model # of my battery?

      • On the face of the battery you should see a combination of letters or numbers for example; YTX20CH-BS = BRS20CH-BS 



      How does it compare to YUASA and other batteries on the market?

      • The BRS Super Battery is an OEM Replacement Battery. What makes our batteries special is the way we prepare the batteries before they leave our shop… 


      The real secret behind our batteries is how we “prep” our batteries and the breakthrough supercharger technology


      We have developed a proprietary super charging system and it's the secret technology behind our batteries and it’s what makes a super battery different from every other battery on the market. 


      Our patented high frequency algorithms deliver a specific frequency to the virgins plates which creates “craters” that increase the surface area of the plates, resulting in an increase in cranking capacity (amperage) - lifespan, and performance. 


      The end result is a battery that's unlike anything else on the market and it's truly what makes our batteries - super batteries. 


      All of our batteries are super charged before leaving the shop so it arrives to you fully charged and ready to go. Just install, start your engine, and go.


      We invented a specialized 5 step process to properly prepare a battery 


      Here’s what we do to ensure the quality, performance, and lifespan of each BRS Super Battery:

      Step 1: Fill battery to the correct levels with 1.265 SG Electrolyte

      Step 2: Let sit for extended time so the Glass Mat plates are able to absorb the electrolytes properly.

      Step 3: Charge battery with high frequencies at 900 Mah Amps until the virgin plates are fully formed.

      Step 4: Let sit for an extended period of time and record voltage. Has to maintain 12.6-12.8V to pass.

      Step 5: If it passes the voltage test, it’s ready for you


      Yes...This process takes more time and effort but that’s what makes our batteries special. 

      Again, this is a process that was invented by us - BRS Battery Ltd. 


      How can you offer a 10 year warranty?

      • You can read more about how we came up with the idea here. We wanted to provide you with peace of mind so you don't have to worry about batteries. Our goal is to help you save money on batteries over the long haul. 

      What’s the coldest temperature this battery will work in? 

      • AGM batteries like the BRS Super Battery can work in temperatures around -30C. Keeping your battery fully charged will help performance in colder temperatures. 



      You are protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Specific FULL REPLACEMENT Warranty Options: BRS Super Gas Pumps: 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty. BRS Super Battery: 30 Days, 2 Years, or 10 Years Full Replacement Warranty with NO PRORATION. BRS Super Charger: 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty. Fisher Price Power Wheels / Peg Perego Batteries and Chargers: 6 Months Full Replacement Warranty. Please contact us for all other product specific warranty options.

      The service at BRS is exceptional and refreshing… very friendly, customer- centric. Thanks again for your expert advice.Overall, this was a great customer experience!

      Dan McCambridge

      Excellent service, quick turnaround, was told every step of the way as to what was happening to my purchase.

      Claude D'Aoust

      Very easy to shop on the website and great to deal with. The shipping fast and great.

      Stephen Himmelman

      My second purchase bought from this company and have no complaint even the warranty is excellent I had to contact them for a battery that the charge was not keeping and they send me a new one right away that's what I like about this company customer service is excellent and they'll contact you fast!!!