A Few of The Best ATV Trails Across Canada

ATV Trails Canada


Introduction : 


Summer in Canada might be short and sweet, but for avid riders like us, it's like having a ticket to heaven on earth. Picture this: the wind in your hair, the thrill of adventure coursing through your veins, and the freedom to explore the great Canadian outdoors on your trusty ATV. 

But here's the catch – with so many incredible options, choosing where to rev up and hit the trails can be quite the challenge. Fret not, fellow thrill-seekers, because we've got you covered. Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey to unveil some of the most electrifying and awe-inspiring ATV trails Canada has to offer. Get ready to rev your engines and embark on an off-road adventure like no other!



Ogre Canyon Ridgeline


Ogre Canyon Ridgeline Trail, Alberta 


If an ATV adventure is not complete without you and your all terrain vehicle being covered in mud then the Ogre Canyon Ridgeline Trail is the perfect destination for you. This 4.5 km loop located near Hinton, Alberta is full of mud holes that are so deep, large, and numerous only the best 4 wheel drive ATV vehicles are suitable for the task. Taking an average of 1 hour and 27 minutes to complete, this trail is considered moderately challenging and is also used for mountain biking and hiking. While driving along this line you will see an amazing view of Brule Lake, you can also explore Ogre Canyon,  which has a spectacular waterfall and pools. So if you’re not afraid to get dirty and don’t mind cleaning mud off of yourself and your ATV, the Ogre Canyon Ridgeline trail is where you need to be. 


Norrish Creek Trail

Trail Forks

Norrish Creek Trail, British Columbia 


The Norrish Creek Trail is a peaceful path that is 5.1 km long and takes roughly 1 hour and 27 minutes to complete, making it a moderately challenging route. This scenic trail is perfect for off road driving but it can also be used for hiking, cycling, bird watching and so much more. While riding along this path you will see some of the most stunning views of Norrish Creek, as well as beautiful wildflowers that bloom at certain times of the year. If the  emerald green waters of the creek make you feel like you want to jump in the good news is that you can ! Just go around the railway bridge and there you will find the coolest places for swimming, there are all different depths available for adults and children alike. Overall if you are looking for a ride that is full of surprises and fun, you should definitely check out the Norrish Creek Trail. 



Rossburn Subdivision Trail atv

Trails Manitoba


Rossburn Subdivision Trail, Manitoba 


If you enjoy long distance rides with beautiful scenery, the Rossburn Subdivision trail needs to be on your to do list. This captivating line is 176 km long and follows the abandoned CN rail line formerly known as the Rossburn Subdivision. While following this trail you will pass through some warm and welcoming towns such as Russell, Angusville, Silverton, Neepawa, Ericson, and Bethany. In addition this path follows along the boundary of Park’s Canada’s spectacular Riding Mountain National Park, which is located near Ericson via the Elk Ridge Connector. It is here where ATV riders can visit historical grain elevators, take a look at stunning birding sites around Beaufort Lake, and enjoy local culture. So if a long distance adventure in the prairies sounds intriguing to you , the Rossburn Subdivision Trail is definitely a place you should check out. 



The Hastings Heritage Trail, Ontario ATV Trail

 Destination Ontario


The Hastings Heritage Trail, Ontario 


The Hastings Heritage Trail is a multi use trail that follows an abandoned rail line which starts in Glen Ross to the south then heads north to Lake St. Peter. At 156km long this path is a part of the Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance, which boasts a 700+ km network of trails that offer a venturesome mix of terrain for avid off road vehicle riders alike. This fascinating path cuts through muddy wetlands, lakes and incredible forests making it every ATV enthusiasts dream location. Using a map, riders can wind their way through all kinds of communities that are fully equipped with fuel stops, restaurants, and resorts that are guaranteed to meet all of your riding needs. Whether you choose to head out on your own or take an organized tour, the Hastings Heritage Trail is set up to ensure that you and your riding buddies will have a full day of adventure and fun. 



The Ganaraska Forest Trail - ATV Trail Ontario

Northern Ontario Travel


The Ganaraska Forest Trail, Ontario 


The Ganaraska forest is located just an hour east of Toronto and is home to 19 of the most fascinating trails in Ontario. One of the most popular trails for off road driving in this area is the Ganaraska Forest trail. At 13.5 km long this riveting trail takes roughly 4 hours to complete making it a challenging but rewarding excursion. There are designated off road vehicle trails along this route but it can also be used for cycling, hiking, jogging and so much more. It is not uncommon to encounter unique wildlife along this route so don’t forget your camera. If a full day of forestry adventure sounds like fun to you be sure to head out on the Ganaraska Forest Trail. 




ATV Trail Quebec


Gaspésie Region, Quebec

Embark on an exhilarating adventure this summer and fall as you rev up your quad bike to explore the captivating region of Gaspésie. With an extensive network of meticulously groomed and marked trails spanning nearly 2600 kilometers, you'll find yourself immersed in breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas. For the thrill-seekers yearning for a long-distance ATV odyssey, conquer the majestic Chic-Choc Mountains and savor unparalleled views of the St. Lawrence River and the iconic Percé Rock by traversing the entire 1500-kilometer Trans-Québec trail that encircles the Gaspé Peninsula. And if you prefer shorter rides, fear not—each sector boasts its own unique charms, from scenic wonders to charming communities and intriguing attractions.

But the adventure doesn't end on the trails. The Matapédia Valley beckons with over 690 kilometers of trails meandering through idyllic logging and country roads, perfect for delightful day trips filled with loop rides. As you explore this quad biking paradise, you'll be met with the warm embrace of Gaspésie's friendly locals, renowned for their hospitality and generosity. After an exhilarating day of riding, cozy accommodations await, alongside an array of delectable restaurants ready to introduce you to the rich flavors of local cuisine. Gaspésie is not just a destination—it's an unforgettable journey waiting to be experienced.



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