BRS Super Battery Power Sports Battery Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About The BRS Super Battery 

Below we provide answers to some of the most common questions we get. 

Q = Question. 

A = Answer

Q: Does my battery come fully charged?

A: Yes it does come fully charged.

Q: Should I charge my ATV battery in the off season when not in use?

A: Yes most definitely, you can use a battery maintainer to help keep your battery fully charged.

This will help you get the most out of your battery.

Q: Should I charge my battery after I am done plowing with my ATV?

A: Yes you should, most alternators in ATV’s or side by sides cannot keep up with the constant draw out of your battery when plowing, When you are done plowing you should most definitely hook up a battery charger or a battery maintainer.

Q: What position can my battery be mounted?

A: These AGM sealed batteries can be mounted in any position with the exception of upside down.

Q: How do I find out what battery fits my unit?

A: The easiest way to find the correct battery is to match the numbers from your original battery, or better yet, give us a call and we can help you find the correct battery 100%.

Q: What is the voltage of a fully charged battery?

A: The Voltage of a fully charged battery is anything above 12.70 volts

Q: What makes your batteries different than everyone else’s?

A: It’s in our process. We take 2 days to form the plates on each battery, using specialize chargers and we also let the battery completely absorb the electrolyte.

Q: What is the warranty period on my new battery?

A: We offer 2 different options of warranties on our power sport batteries a 2 year and a 10 year.

Q: What can cause a new battery to fail shortly after installation?

A: If a battery does not perform to the published standards shortly after installation it may be in cause by one or more of the following issues:

  1. There may be a faulty charging/starting system
  2. The electrical system may have short circuited drawing huge amperage draws.
  3. The terminals on the battery are dirty or not properly connected
  4. High parasitic drains or excessive ignition off drains
  5. The electrical capacity of the battery is insufficient for the size of the vehicle.

Q: Does starting my motorcycle/snowmobile during off season?

A: When we have been asked: Does starting my unit in the winter charge the battery?, Many new riders are surprised to learn that, while starting your bike every few weeks may be good for

the mechanics of it, it could end up harming your battery.

Here’s why:

The charging system of your unit does not truly charge up until it gets far above idle, sometimes at high rpm! Unless you hold the throttle wide open for 10 or 15 minutes, you may not get enough of a charge to replace the energy you used just to start it, let alone the energy you needed to replace lost in storage. You need to keep it on a decent maintenance charger during the winter months.

Q: What do I do if I bought the battery a month ago and it’s bad? 

A: We offer a no hassle full replacement warranty. If your battery was purchased from us please contact us at 705 855 0473 or complete our warranty return form here → 

Q: The picture of your replacement has the poles on the battery switched. Am I missing something?  

A: Some models of batteries offer different post orientations in the same physical size for different models of machines. Please check the numbers on your original battery to make sure you order the correct battery, if you need assistance please call us at 705 855 0473 or contact us here → 

Q: Just received a battery but no way to screw cables onto it. looks like the screws were left out. Where can i get the block and screws??? 

A: We install the block and screw sets and also check torque before every shipment. One of our technician’s signs off on every battery.  

Q: I got this battery for my waverunner 2016 fx cruiser. Do you have to attach the vent hose to this? -- Do i have to vent this battery? --

A: Our batteries are AGM Batteries and do not need to be vented. If you own any wet cell batteries a vent tube is needed to redirect the electrolyte overflow during charging. 

Q: This has a different post than the hd oem battery. Does it connect without some sort of adapter? 

A: The battery will connect to your cables.. You will need to remove and turn the nut on its side and insert it back into the post. This will turn the battery into a side post just like the OEM Harley Davidson battery.

Q: What do I do with the warranty? Who is it through --  Amazon? -- How do I claim my warranty? 

A: If your battery was purchased from us please contact us at  705 855 0473, for warranty returns Please complete this form 

Q: Do I need to fill the battery??? Why Can't I fill it myself?

A: Our batteries come pre-filled and precharged for you so you can install and go riding.

Q: Can this battery be charged with a battery tender for the first charge?

A: Our batteries come pre-filled and precharged for you so you can install and go riding. 

Q: What voltage should this battery retain within an hour or two after being fully charged? 

You should see a voltage of 12.7 v or higher

Q: Is this a Premium  AGM battery?

A: Our agm batteries are a premium quality battery because of the way we properly prepare and charge them for all of our customers.

Q: What country was this battery made in? 

A: Most batteries are made overseas, there are different grades of batteries. Our batteries come from the highest quality Manufactures

Q: What size screws come with this battery?

A: The proper size screws are M6 x 12MM

Q: Does this battery need a special charger? 

A: To charge our batteries you can use a 1 amp battery maintainer, we recommend the Enerwatt  part number 612-1, which can be found here →

Q: Can this battery be installed on it's side in a snowmobile? No leaking ??

A: Our AGM batteries can be installed on their sides and will not leak, with the exception of upside down. They cannot be installed in that orientation

Q: Is this a 12 volt lead acid battery? I bought a noco jump starter  and it can only be used on a 12 volt lead acid battery per instructions.  

A: Yes these are 12v batteries, the noco jump starter will work just fine for this battery. 

Q: What is the lifespan of this battery?

A: It's very difficult to calculate the life of a battery.. It all depends on how the battery has been discharged during use and how quickly it has been recharged. Usual scenario with using a battery maintainer you can expect up to 8 to 12 years.

Q: Does the battery come with new hardware?

A: Yes the battery comes with new hardware. Nuts and bolts

Q: What is the best maintenance advice? Do I hook up the trickle charger? What are charging amps?

A: You can definitely hook up a battery maintainer to your bike and leave it connected while not in use. This will help keep your battery in optimal condition and extend its life. 

We recommend the Enerwatt  part number 612-1, which can be found here →

Q: How do I tell the age of this battery? 

A: There is a date code stamped into the top of the battery and or a sticker on the side of the battery with the date code as well.

Q: What kind of battery charger is used to charge this battery, as it is agm? At what discharge level should this battery be recharged for maximum life?

A: Any lead acid battery or agm battery should be kept fully charged as much as possible, to charge our batteries you can use a battery maintainer to do this.  We recommend the Enerwatt  part number 612-1, which can be found here →

Q: I've heard that if you accidentally leave a light on or something, and drain the battery, it kills it and it won't take a charge. Is that true?

A: Yes that is somewhat true, most conventional battery chargers will not recognize a battery if the voltage is lower than 11 volts.. This is why we always recommend putting a battery maintainer on your unit when not in use. We recommend the Enerwatt  part number 612-1, which can be found here →

Q: Is this a deep cycle battery?

A: Our batteries are not to be used for deep cycle applications, they are labelled and used as powersports starting batteries.

Q: Does this have a circuit to prevent charging in below freezing temperatures?

A: Our Agm batteries do not have this type of circuitry, you will find these types of circuits on lithium batteries which are a part of the BMS systems.

Q: Are the terminals threaded?

A: Our batteries have a post with a nut and bolt on them.. Like a typical power sports battery

Q: Is this battery rechargeable

A: Yes of course it is, we recommend using a battery maintainer  1 amp, which can be found on our website. We recommend the Enerwatt  part number 612-1, which can be found here →

Q: How long will my motorcycle run off this battery before having to charge it?

A: It really depends on your usage. You should charge your battery after every ride to keep it in optimal condition. Your machine should have a charging system in it, so the battery is only used for starting the unit and accepting the charge from your alternator/stator so the unit can hold a constant 12v source to stay running.

Q: I didn't ride it over the winter and now the battery is dead. Tried charging it but it's not charged at all. Is it normal?

A: Any battery needs to be charged periodically, leaving the machine sit over the winter is not necessarily a good thing for the battery or the machine itself , the newer units do have a constant draw off the battery for clocks and memory etc, this is why we do suggest putting a battery maintainer on the unit over the winter. This will help to keep your battery in optimal condition. 

Q: Is there a cross reference guide available?

We do have listings available on our site..if you cannot find your make and model please contact us via email or at 705 855 0473, and we will help you find the correct battery for your unit.

Q: Could you recommend a trickle battery charger for this battery to keep the battery charged between uses of the jetski and for wintering?

A: We recommend the Enerwatt  part number 612-1, which can be found here →

Q: Is this battery load tested?

A: Absolutely, it's one of the 5 steps we perform on our batteries.