BRS Super Battery Spec Sheet

BRS Super Battery Spec Sheet

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The real secret behind our batteries is how we prepare your battery before it leaves our shop. 

We have developed a proprietary super charging system and it's the secret technology  behind our batteries that makes a super battery different from every other battery on the market. 

Our patented high frequency algorithms deliver a specific frequency to the virgins plates which creates “craters” that increases the surface area of the plates, resulting in an increase in cranking capacity (amperage) - lifespan, and performance. 

The end result is a battery that's unlike anything else on the market and it's truly what makes our batteries - super batteries. 

Our competitors are fighting tooth and nail trying to figure out our secret technology and it's something that everyone is trying to copy but unable to duplicate. 

BRS Battery Ltd has been in business since 2003 and we use this same technology to rejuvenate and super charge all types of lead acid, Ni-Cad wet cell industrial, and locomotive batteries. 

You can now experience our super charged batteries in your machine for a fraction of the costs and if your battery does not perform as promised you are 100% protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and our 2 or 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty Policy with No Proration!


BRS Super Battery