Survival / Emergency Prep Checklist

BRS Survival / Emergency Checklist

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Bug Out Bag Options (1 per indiv)


Choose The Pack of Choice


Budget Friendly Pre-Built Bug Out Bag 


Water & Hydration 


Drinking Water (3 Liters)


 ❏ Collapsible Water Bottle 


Hard Water Bottle 


Metal Water Bottle / Canteen 


Water Filter / Purification System 


Water Purification Tablets (Qty 3) 

Food & Food Preparation 


Protein / Energy Bars (Qty 6) 


MREs / Dehydrated Meals (Qty 3) 




P-51 Can Opener 


Metal Cooking Pot 


Metal Cup 


Pot Scrubber 


Portable Stove 


Stove Fuel (Qty 8 Tablets) 


Shelf Stable Meat Snacks




❏ Lightweight Long Sleeve Shirt 


❏ Pants 


❏ Underwear 


❏ Wool Hiking Socks (Qty 3 pair) 


❏ Medium Weight Fleece 

Clothing continued... 


Hat w/ Flex Brim 


Work Gloves 


Rain Poncho 




Shelter & Bedding






Sleeping Bag / Bivvy 


Ground Pad 


Wool Blanket 


Survival Tent 

Fire & Fire Starters 


Ignition Source (Qty 3 types) 


Tinder (Qty 3) 


Waterproof Storage 


Survival Lighter 


Waterproof Lighter

First Aid 


First Aid Kit / Prescription Meds 


Insect Repellant 


Mylar Survival Blanket 



 ❏ Wet Napkins


 ❏ Hand Sanitizer 


❏ All-Purpose Camp Soap


Small Pack Towel 


❏ Personal Hygiene Needs 


Travel Toilet Paper (Qty 2)



Survival Knife (Fixed Blade) 


Budget Friendly Knife (Fixed Blade) 


Survival Knife (Folding Blade) 




Foldable Shovel


Grapole - Fire Pit Multi-Tool



LED Headlamp 


Mini LED Keychain Light 


LED Flashlight 




Solar Lantern / Charger 



❏ Cell Phone 


Emergency Radio w/ Hand Crank 


Solar Panel Charge System 


Weatherproof Notepad & Pen 



Survival Document Portfolio 


❏ $500-$1000 in Small Bills 


❏ Quarters (Qty 8) 


❏ Copies of Personal Documents 

Protection & Self Defense 


Pepper Spray 


❏ Handgun / Rifle / Crossbow


❏ Ammunition (Qty 20-25 rnds) 


❏ Snap Bangs 

Signaling & Navigation 


Signal Mirror 


❏ Local Area Map 




Emergency Whistle 



550 Parachute Cord (50’) 


Cotton Bandana 


Duct Tape (25’) 


❏ 55 Gal. Contractor Garbage Bag (Qty 2) 


❏ Resealable Bags (Qty 5, Various Sizes) 


❏ Sunglasses 


N95 Face Mask 


Sewing Kit 


❏ Latex Tubing (3’) 


Hunting & Fishing Kit 


Non-Lubricated Condoms 


❏ Binoculars (Optional) 


❏ Face Paint 


❏ Military Surplus Survival Wire 


❏ Deck of Playing Cards 


❏ Pocket Bible 


Survival Handbook


Household Batteries AAA, AA, C, D 9V Batteries 


…I would suggest getting a box of each because there will be a shortage


Rechargeable Flashlights


Power Packs


Gas with Pump


45 Gal of Water with Pump


Small Solar System to Charge Laptops and Phones




12V appliance fridge and freezer/solar systems


Spare Deep Cycle Batteries 12V


12V Lighting


❏ Garden Seeds 


❏ Garden Tools


❏ Garden Books


❏ Propane Tank


❏ Canned Goods



From The Desk of Andy Mainville


Disease, war, inflation, supply chain issues, stock market declines, protests, and who knows what else is next… 


While I was on vacation, I was talking to my wife and we were reflecting on the state of the world right now and where we think things are headed. 


For some reason I can’t help but feel like there is something brewing out there - like there’s a storm forming -  and it’s not a matter of if... but a matter of when. 


Trust me, I’m not one of these conspiracy theory guys -  but at some point I think history is bound to repeat itself and there might be a short period of tough times ahead. 


Ultimately, I believe everything will be OK but I want to be as prepared as I can be. 


It’s like a quote one of my buddy’s told me: 


“It’s better to have it and not need it – than to need it and not have it”


I wanted to share my personal checklist with you just in case you might feel the same way I do.


Feel free to print this checklist out so that you have easy access to it and if you want... You can share this with your family and friends if you think they might find some value from it.

Hopefully, my feelings are wrong and things only get better… 

To better times ahead... Cheers, 

Andy Mainville


BRS Battery Ltd. 



We also created a BRS survival / emergency product section which you can view by >> clicking here <<