What To Do If Your Charger Won't Charge




What To Do If Your 12v Charger Won't Charge.

Follow the steps below to learn how to fix this issue. 

Hey folks, Andy here from BRS Battery. We get a lot of questions on these chargers plus all other types of Smart Chargers... customers are telling us they can't recharge their batteries as soon as they plug it in, it seems like the charger doesn't work because there are no lights that light up either on this charger or any other charger.

Well, here's the secret on how you fix that. Because you haven't used a battery maintainer religiously, the battery probably went down in voltage, I presume. Most of the time, I'd say 95% of the time, the voltage is below 10.8 volts.

So number one thing you have to do is grab the voltmeter and measure the voltage of your battery that you're currently trying to charge. My best guess it's below 10.8 volts. If that's the case, the secret is grab a 12 volt lead acid battery.

We hooked one of our sealed lead acid batteries. So what you do, you hook them up in what they call in parallel. So all I've done here is hook up the negative to negative, the positive to the positive. These are the two leads here.

So basically all you have to do is hook them up directly right onto your battery. Now what that's going to do, since this is 12.6 volts or higher, it will send voltage to this battery which in turn will fool the charger thinking that the voltage is higher than 10.8 volts.

So you'll see automatically that your charger will start charging this battery. Now if you want my personal opinion, I'd wait about 30 minutes or so. Once that's done, unplug your charger, any other charger, disconnect your two leads.

Wait for about 15 minutes and see if the voltage will bounce back to higher than 10.8 volts. Normally it will bounce up to about 11.2 volts. In that case, you can remove these jumpers and directly connect your battery charger to your battery that was stubborn to charge.

Now that's a trade secret folks. I'm giving it to you free of charge. We do it here in the back all the time. All right, so that's how you charge a battery that won't take a charge.

Now if you tried this trick and it's still 10.8 volts or even lower, your battery's mechanically damaged inside. You can't recharge such a battery. So again, quick tip just because you bought one of our chargers, I gave you one of our trade secrets.

If you have any questions please let us know.


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