Is Your Battery Fried?

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by Sara Patterson


It doesn't matter if you buy them from your local auto parts store or online, there is a chance that you are buying a "low performing" battery.

Here's why... most stores, retailers, and distributors unknowingly damage your battery


Because they do 4 things:

1. They "fast drain" the electrolyte into the battery.  

2. They do not let the electrolyte fully absorb into the plates completely.

3. They do not fully form the new plates.    

4. They "fast charge" the battery which damages the plates from Day 1. 

This is the reason why most batteries don't last and have subpar performance.

What's worse is the fact that some companies don't even know they are selling you a "fried" battery...

What causes a "fried" battery?

The main cause of a "fried battery" is improper charging which damages the battery plates from day 1. The key is to make sure that the virgin plates are fully formed with a true deep charge. 

How do you know if you're battery is "fried"?

The first thing you want to check is the battery's voltage. You want to make sure the voltage is 12.7 or above. If your battery is weak and doesn't start your bike right away, you might have a problem...

With "fried" batteries: you might have to buy a replacement  every year or 2. 


How To Fix The Problem Yourself... 

If your battery is weak make sure you put it on a rejevenator and maintainer (like the one pictured below)... This will help bring your stubborn battery back to life... It works for Sleds, ATV's, Bikes, Sides X Sides, Scooters, Jet Ski's, and more. Check out the BRS Super Charger here ...


The Type of Battery We Recommend...

You've probably heard of a high performance AGM battery before... You might even have one in your machine right now... These batteries are great! The question you should ask yourself is this: How often am I replacing my battery? How much money am I wasting buying batteries?

High performance AGM batteries like the BRS Super Battery are awesome because they can last 8 - 12 years. This isn't the case at all with regular conventional batteries. AGM batteries are 100% maintentance free and do not require you to add any liquids like water. They only need to be charged regularly.

They are sealed valve regulated that include valves that control how much hydrogen and oxygen gas escapes during charging.

Plus, they are spill and leak proof, vibration resistant, hold a charge three times longer than conventional batteries, and are made to provide robust starting amps and run for an extended period of time with deep discharge protection. 


Why We Don't Recommend Lithium Batteries In Cold Weather

As you might be aware when it's cold outside most lithium batteries have a hard time producing power. This means sometimes your vehicle might not start easily, or the battery might run out of power faster when you're riding.

Also, when it's cold, the battery doesn’t charge as quickly and might not give as much energy to things like your lights and horn. This can be a problem, especially if you're riding at night or need to be heard for safety.

Studies show that AGM batteries are some of the best batteries on the market because they can retain electricity for long periods of time. 


How You Can Save Up To $400 On  Replacement Batteries...

Introducing the BRS Super Battery. 

With the BRS Super Battery you'll no longer have to worry about buying replacement batteries with our full replacement 10 year warranty option, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Wouldn't it be great to have a battery that can last 8 - 12 years? All you have to do is keep it on a trickle charger / maintainer and it will maximize the life and performance of your battery!


 What Makes The BRS Super Battery Different? 

The BRS Super Battery is a high performance super charged AGM battery. It's the only battery on the market that features our secret super charger technology created by BRS Battery President, Andy Mainville (pictured above). Andy founded BRS in 2003 and is a true battery expert. He started his career repairing and rejuvenating locomotive and fork lift batteries which is how he discovered this breakthrough super charger technology.

. - Andy says "Our Secret Super Charging System Creates "Deep Craters" In The Virgin Battery Plates Fully Forming Them For Maximum Power and Performance. When these craters are formed it increases the surface area of plates which results in more battery output!"

The BRS Super Battery Arrives Fully Charged & Ready To Go Right Out of The Box. You don't have to play with acid or do anything to the battery. Simply Install & Go!


The BRS Super Battery Works for most Power Sports Vehicles

A lot of people ask: "The BRS Super Battery sounds amazing, but will it fit my machine?"

The BRS Super Battery comes in different model numbers to fit different size vehicles. Whether you have an ATV, Snowmobile, UTV, Motorcycle, Jet Ski, or Scooter - We have a year, make, and model search bar so that you can look up your unit. 

If you don't see your rig listed, you can always send us a message and we can double check to see if we have a battery that will work for you. Click here to find your battery.


Bottom Line: Better Performance & Reliability for You

A quality battery is a must for any vehicle owner. If you suffer from a "fried" battery, a BRS Super Battery is a must for your toys.

 How can you upgrade your battery?

You can place your order online through this official website anywhere in the United States and Canada. Your Super Battery includes free fast shipping and will be delivered to your doorstep.

Since you are reading this article, you qualify for an exclusive discount that will be automatically applied at check out when you click this link. Join the long list of riders who have installed a BRS Super Battery in their machines...