Conquer the Cold: BRS Super Battery Review for Polaris Snowmobiles

Powering Through the Cold: Battery for Polaris Snowmobile

Wondering which battery for your Polaris snowmobile will keep your ride roaring through the frigid winter without unexpected power loss? This article evaluates the BRS Super Battery, designed for the coldest conditions, offering a long-lasting charge with the ruggedness your snowmobile needs. Learn about its compatibility, AGM technology advantage, and ease of maintenance as you prepare for the snow.

Key Takeaways

  • The BRS Super Battery uses advanced AGM technology to provide enhanced sled performance, longer battery life, and faster recharge times, designed specifically for sleds like the Polaris snowmobile.

  • The battery offers considerable benefits for cold weather with improved performance, extended charge retention, and maintenance-free operation, catering to riders like you who demand high-performance and longevity from their batteries.

  • Installation of the BRS Super Battery is easy, and BRS Battery Ltd. offers exceptional customer support, with a comprehensive 10-year full replacement warranty providing you with assurance and a safety net for your investment.

"Energizing Adventures: An Introduction to BRS Super Battery"

BRS Super Battery


BRS Battery Ltd is the inventor of the BRS Super Battery and super charged battery technology - a global innovator in power sports batteries. It has positioned itself as the world’s leading sealed maintenance-free AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) power sports battery. This type of battery is especially suitable for sleds like the Polaris snowmobile.

The BRS Super Battery employs advanced lead acid technology, known as AGM, which sets it apart from standard snowmobiles batteries. With this technology, the battery provides benefits like:

  • Enhanced sled performance

  • Longer battery life

  • Faster recharge time

  • Maintenance-free operation

These features make the BRS Super Battery an excellent choice for powering your sled.


The BRS Super Battery stands apart with these features:

  • Sealed maintenance-free AGM design

  • Lightweight construction

  • Temperature resistance

  • Increased usable capacity

  • Faster charging capabilities

While these claims are impressive, they warrant a check to see if they match the evidence for further examination and search in the stock.

"Snowmobile Riders"

Sledders form the primary market for the BRS Super Battery. You often seek high-performance, maintenance-free power solutions, which the BRS Super Battery promises to deliver.

The BRS Super Battery offers exceptional performance and longevity, making it an excellent choice for Polaris snowmobile riders. You will love that your snowmobile battery:

  • Arrives 100% charged

  • Permanently sealed maintenance-free AGM design

  • Supercharger technology

  • Durability

  • Increased capacity

  • Faster charging

  • Long lasting

All of these features are crucial for sledders in order to select the right battery.

The BRS Super Battery offers substantial benefits in cold environments, including:

  • Improved performance through AGM technology

  • Extended charge retention three times longer than standard batteries

  • Maintenance-free design that prevents water loss

These features make it particularly crucial for cold weather, acting as a filter for unwanted elements of the sort.

"Seamless Installation Journey"

While battery installation can appear a hassle, it becomes significantly easier with the BRS Super Battery. To ensure a smooth battery installation process, it is necessary to:

  1. Verify the compatibility of the BRS Super Battery with your specific Polaris Snowmobile model.

  2. Understand the terminal configuration to align with your snowmobile’s electrical system.

  3. Consider your physical dimensions for a proper fit in the battery compartment.

By following these steps, you can ensure a successful battery installation.

The installation process involves several steps:

  1. Remove the battery panel of the snowmobile.

  2. Remove the battery cover and the old battery.

  3. Clean the battery tray.

  4. Carefully reinstall the new battery.

  5. Reinstall the battery cover and the panel.

  6. Start the snowmobile to verify the battery has been connected properly.

While this may seem simple, every step is crucial for a successful installation.

Should you encounter any issues during the installation process, BRS Battery Ltd. is always ready to help. BRS Battery is known for its excellent customer service and support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation journey.

"Built Tough: Assessing BRS Super Battery's Design"



The BRS Super Battery’s design showcases its durability and high performance. It is built with materials that can withstand rough terrains and long rides, making it a perfect companion for your power sports adventures.

Its AGM technology plays a significant role in its resilience. The technology allows the battery to withstand rough conditions, making it an ideal choice for riders who often traverse through challenging terrains.

The design of the BRS Super Battery not only contributes to its high performance but also its low maintenance needs. Its spill and leak-proof design, coupled with deep discharge protection, ensures that you can enjoy your ride without worrying about battery maintenance.

"Functionality at Your Fingertips"

Beyond its durability, the BRS Super Battery also excels in functionality. It offers a sealed maintenance-free nature, a high-performance AGM design, and a comprehensive 10-year warranty with full replacement, setting it apart from conventional batteries and all other snowmobile batteries on the market.

The Super Battery’s ability to handle multiple cycles of charging and discharging is another testament to its functional prowess. Fabricated using Lead Acid AGM / VRLA (Pb) chemistry, it is a suitable type of battery for snowmobiles.

The BRS Super Battery incorporates technologies that not only ensure optimal vehicle operation but also make it easier for you. Its absorbed-glass mat technology prevents water loss and maintains a charge three times longer than traditional batteries. Additionally, its proprietary supercharger technology revitalizes and maintains lead-acid batteries at a supercharged state, ensuring peak performance.

"Real-World Resilience: Performance Under Pressure"

The BRS Super Battery offers:

  • Impressive features and advanced technology

  • Exceptional longevity

  • Vibration resistance

  • Superior performance in demanding applications

It is a superior choice over conventional lead-acid batteries.

Whether you’re riding over rugged terrains, navigating through hill jumps, or cruising through muddy swamps, the BRS Super Battery proves its worth. It’s engineered to endure prolonged rides and challenging conditions, showcasing its dependability and performance under pressure.

The deep discharge protection feature of the BRS Super Battery offers a practical benefit that cannot be overlooked. It enables the battery to:

  • Sustain optimal starting and cycling performance

  • Supply power from a reduced discharge level

  • Support deep cycling, which is crucial in practical situations.

"Staying Charged: Longevity and Maintenance Tips"

Several factors influence the BRS Super Battery’s longevity, including:

  • The frequency of full discharge and charge cycles

  • Charge and discharge rates

  • Total charge exchanged

  • Total cycle time

  • Ambient temperature and extreme temperatures

  • Protective coatings

  • Charging cycles

  • Time in use

  • The fit of the battery in your vehicle

Compared to other power sports batteries, the BRS Super Battery offers impressive longevity of up to 10 years. This remarkable durability is a testament to the battery’s superior design and construction.

To optimize the performance and durability of your BRS Super Battery, it is important to recommended regular charging. This involves maintaining your snowmobile battery, regularly monitoring the battery voltage, and checking the battery’s state of charge.

"The Icy Verdict: Is BRS Super Battery Worth the Investment?"

polaris snowmobile


Riders have given the BRS Super Battery an overwhelmingly positive response. You will appreciate its strong cranking power, maintenance-free operation, and the confidence by the full replacement guarantee - you can choose from 3 warranty options.

It’s important to note, however, that no battery is without flaws. Some users have reported issues such as:

  • low cranking power issues if they don't charge their battery regularly.

  • not fully charging their battery after long rides.

These concerns are worth taking into account when considering the BRS Super Battery and it's important to keep your battery charged...

Despite these reported drawbacks, the BRS Super Battery still stands out, especially due to its superior performance in cold weather. Its AGM technology gives it an edge over lithium batteries in cold climates, making it a worthy investment for snowmobilers.

"Warranty and Support: A Safety Net for Snowmobilers"


snowmobile battery


In case of underperformance, the BRS Super Battery includes comprehensive full replacement coverage - you can choose the warranty period. This is something no other company can offer, peace of mind to snowmobilers.

In addition, BRS Battery Ltd. provides easy replacement support. Customers can conveniently contact the company through the return form on the website to avail this support.

To claim your warranty, all you need to do is complete the No-Hassle, Full Replacement Warranty form which you can find here.


In conclusion, the BRS Super Battery is a high-performance, maintenance-free, and durable battery that offers several advantages. It’s compatible with different sled models and proves to be an excellent choice for riders, offering superior performance in cold weather conditions. However, you should take into account that you have to charge your battery regularly.

With a 10-year full replacement warranty and excellent customer support, the BRS Super Battery could prove to be a valuable investment. It promises not just a battery, but a reliable power solution that can fuel your adventurous rides on your sled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size battery do I need for a snowmobile?

You can use our search bar to find the battery for your ride. You can also match your battery model number with our corresponding numbers... For example if you see 20HL-BS on your battery our BRS20HL would be the compatible model - you can also feel free to measure your snowmobile's voltage requirements and consider the engine type to choose the right maintenance-free battery.

How long should a snowmobile battery last?

A typical snowmobile battery will last between three and five years if properly maintained. A BRS Super Battery can last 8-12 years It's a good idea to have it tested if it's older than that.

Can you start a snowmobile with a dead battery?

Yes, you can start a snowmobile with a dead battery by jumpstarting it using a vehicle with a 12V battery or you can use a jump starter or booster pack.

What is the voltage of the battery in a Polaris snowmobile?

The voltage of the battery in a Polaris snowmobile is 12.7 Volts. It's important to charge it immediately if the voltage falls below 12.5V to prevent sulfation.

What is the BRS Super Battery?

The BRS Super Battery is a high-performance, maintenance-free power sports battery with a 10-year full replacement warranty option. It offers unique features and advantages for power sports applications.