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A battery is just a battery right?


We've been using the same lead acid batteries in our off-road vehicles for decades and they are all the same?


Not necessarily let me explain why...


When you buy a replacement battery for your Snowmobile or ATV or Side-by-Side at your local parts store it typically comes with the battery acid already installed and it's all charged up and ready to put in your vehicle just hook up the positive negative contacts and you've got juice to start your vehicle and run all your electrics.


It's so easy and so convenient, but is it really?


In most cases, the parts store battery you just purchased with the battery acid already installed has been subjected to a quick fill up and only allowed a short absorption time then had a high amperage charge to get it up to working voltage level.


Here's the problem... 


Following this process has already caused irreparable damage to the lead plates inside that brand new battery.


When we say irreparable, we mean warped or damaged plates, meaning the battery's ability to deliver max cranking amps has already been compromised as have the years of charge and discharge cycles you thought you were going to get out of it 

This is one of the prime reasons most battery manufacturers don't offer replacement guarantees that are more than about 6 to 12 months.


It's interesting to know that any decent lead acid battery is actually designed to last upwards of eight to twelve years with proper charging. 

However when was the last time you ever got more than three or four years out of the battery in your Snowmobile or ATV?


Usually it's more like two years here's some more information you might find interesting... I know I did.


The biggest enemy of lead acid batteries is actually lack of charge!


When the capacity of your battery is left at a low level for longer than just a few weeks internal battery damage begins to occur.


Even simple everyday actions can leave your battery low, things like using your ATV or Side-by-Sides winch when plowing snow, running a ton of extra lights, or powering a massive stereo system... 

With a snowmobile, it could be running the starter longer in extreme cold weather or if you flooded the engine and have to rely on the battery to crank the engine until it fires.


As I mentioned, the damage begins to occur when you've depleted your battery's capacity and then let it sit for days or weeks.


Without use sulfate will begin to form on the plates inside the battery and will eventually lead to what's called a dead short or a dead cell this is a serious condition.


It means you're going to have to replace your battery.


If you leave your battery sitting even longer say three months or more simple parasitic load could cause it to be depleted by 50%.


The typical response to a seemingly dead battery is to put it on a high amperage charger to top it back up. 


However, this will actually cause even more damage and this starts the cycle that so many of us are caught in.


You go to the part store and you buy a new battery then after a few years the battery gets damaged it no longer holds a charge so you go back to the parts store and buy a new battery and the cycle repeats itself.


This is frustrating to say the least... 


And it's also a huge waste of money, but i'm pleased to say there is a solution...


BRS is a battery company that does things differently.


Their batteries are built with the highest quality components and each battery is custom prepped before you take delivery.

This is why they can offer a warranty that more than triples, and in some cases even quadruples the best battery guarantees in the business.


Their warranty is a full 10 years...


How can they do this?


Well it's actually very simple, BRS builds their batteries to a higher quality standard then they take all the time that's necessary to properly and safely charge their batteries at low amperages before any of them are sent out.


The first charge on a BRS Battery is the most important and while it does take quite a bit more time to charge at low amperages, and at specialized high frequencies, the results are worth it.


Here's a little Pro Tip for when you install your New BRS Battery...


Install the extremely affordable charger and rejuvenator leads on the positive and negative terminals of the battery when you first install it...


This way all you have to do when your day's riding is finished is plug the BRS remote leads into your BRS Battery charger.


Plug it into an ac outlet and you'll be getting a steady trickle charge of 900 milliamps while your vehicle is stored.


Or if you're someplace remote where you don't have access to ac electricity BRS even has a solar powered charger option, by plugging your BRS Battery into their specially designed charger your battery will always be at maximum charge when you need it and the internals of your battery will remain in new condition for many years. 

Here's another Pro Tip or in this case a Pro Warning... 


The trickle charger you use on your car or truck battery should not be used on your power sports batteries...


Those automotive chargers producing a trickle of about 2 amps are too powerful for the more fragile design of an off-road vehicle's battery and you can end up with plate damage by using them.


Stick to a charger that is specifically designed for what you're trying to do.


BRS makes a good one and it's actually a really good value when you consider it's not just a battery charger but it's also a battery rejuvenator and can restore, which can bring a battery back to life when it's been damaged internally by partially sulfated plates.


Of course there is a limit to what it can do for a badly damaged battery so instead of trying to bring your current damaged battery back to life, it's a better idea to start with a Brand New BRS Guaranteed Battery you know has been properly prepared.


Your New BRS Battery will arrive boxed up nice and tidy and it's well protected from damage during shipping.


The acid has already been installed, the battery is at its optimum charge, and all you have to do is hook up the positive and negative leads and you're ready to go.


As we stated earlier, this is an excellent time to connect the BRS Charger remote wires so you don't have to remove your battery later on when you need them.


So how do you get your hands on a New BRS Battery with a 10-Year Guarantee?


Well it's pretty simple, you simply head over their website or contact them by phone or email and they'll help you select the correct battery for your application.


Then they'll prep it for you and ship it to your house in a couple days.


Each battery is load tested before it leaves BRS.


BRS's No-Nonsense Replacement Guarantee Is Honored Immediately, No Questions Asked...


The owners of BRS are serious off-road and snowmobile enthusiasts themselves, so they know the frustration of not being able to use your expensive toys because of a simple dead battery.


The only question left that you need to answer is not should you invest in a new BRS Battery, but what possible reason could you have for not investing in one?


Think about it…  


10 Years of not having to worry about replacing your battery or paying for a new one that sounds like a pretty good deal to us.



Find Your Battery

Find Your Battery


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