Special Invitation - Create A Video & Earn $10

A Special Invitation 

From the Desk of Andy Mainville

February 17, 2024


Dear Fellow BRS Family Member,


We believe in the power of real stories from real people. That's why we're inviting you to help us out. 


In these days people aren't sure of things they see or find online are real...


We started this initiative because we saw some folks leaving comments online thinking our company is fake and a scam, they think we are just make-believe.

But you know for fact that we are real. 


In a world full of skepticism, where what you see online is constantly questioned, our journey has been one of resilience and dedication.


Since 2003 we've been working hard to provide the best products and services we possibly can.

Our goal has been to make you happy.


But, despite our best efforts, the shadow of doubt looms large, with many still questioning that we are a real company that offers quality products. It's a challenge that we can't overcome alone; we need your voice, your story, and your help. 


We're seeking a select group of people to help us shine a spotlight on our products by showcasing and demonstrating how our products work and how they have helped.


Whether it's a shout-out about your favorite product, a nod to our customer service, or a tale of how we've made a difference in your life, your voice matters.


We really want to show everyone that we're the real deal - a place with quality products and nice people who care about making you happy. And guess what? You can help us do that! Plus, you'll get $10 just for creating a short video. 


Why We Need Your Help: 


Your experiences with our products and services are not just transactions; they're the foundation of trust and quality we strive to build and maintain. In an era where skepticism can overshadow reality, your authentic stories and feedback serve as powerful testimonials to who we are and what we stand for.


Here’s How You Can Help:


Create a Short Video: We invite you to record a quick video (15-30 seconds) sharing your genuine thoughts about our products, your experiences with our customer service, or any other interactions you've had with us. Your insights can help show the truth of our commitment and quality.


Submit Your Video: Send your video to us through WeTransfer.com -  We're looking forward to seeing your perspective and sharing it with a broader audience.


Receive a Token of Our Appreciation: As a thank you for your time and effort, we'll send you $10. It's a small gesture to express our gratitude for your contribution and support. We will send the money to you via e-Transfer if you are in Canada or PayPal if you are in the US. 



    Ready to Showcase Your Favorite Product?


    We're not looking for just anyone. We want real BRS Family Members with genuine stories and experiences. If you're ready to demonstrate your favorite BRS product and help others see its value, click the link below to start and you can visit WeTransfer.com to send your video. 





    Step 1: Visit https://wetransfer.com/ and accept the terms and conditions. 

    Step 2: Upload Your Video 

    Step 3: Send Your Video To:  Andy.Mainville@brsbattery.com

    Step 4: Enter Your Email Address

    Step 6: Enter A Message For Us To Confirm We Received Your Video

    Step 7: Send Us Your Video

    *For a video walkthrough on how to send your video please scroll to the bottom of this page. 


    Who are we looking for?


      • We're inviting a select group of family members who are passionate about our products and willing to showcase them in action.

      • What should my video include?

      • Focus on demonstrating the product in use, highlighting its features, and sharing the difference it has made for you.

      • How and when will I get my $10?

    • I will send it to you via e-Transfer or Paypal. You will receive your money Monday - Friday during business hours (9am - 5pm EST). After your video is submitted, we'll process your $10 reward as a token of our thanks. If you are in Canada, I will personally send you an e-transfer and if you are in the USA, I I will send you the money by PayPal directly to your email address.


    At BRS Battery we're more than a brand; we're a community that values real experiences and practical solutions. This initiative is about bringing our products to life through your stories and demonstrations. Your participation is crucial in helping us showcase the tangible benefits and quality of our products


    Thank you for considering this unique opportunity to share your experience and help our community grow stronger. Together, let's make a difference and show the world the value of our products.

    For BRS Family Members who have already submitted videos - Just send us a message with an update on how things are going... 


    Warm regards,