The Ultimate Booster Pack & Jump Starter for Your Vehicle!

Have you ever tried to start your car and it just wouldn't start and you couldn’t get it started no matter how many times you tried. After running through all your diagnostic tests, you realize you have a dead car battery. Well, this is exactly where portable jump starter packs or portable jump starters come in handy.

These are different from standard jumper cables because they are a all in one solution. They have are great at jump starting without having to rely on someone else with a car to give you a jump start. In addition, they usually can be used as a battery charger, have reverse polarity protection, and spark proof technology. , also known as booster cables, or jump leads, are a set of insulated wires of sufficient capacity with alligator clips at each end to interconnect the disabled piece of equipment vehicle with an auxiliary power source, such as another vehicle or other equipment with the same voltage or to another battery. The alligator clips may be covered with insulation to prevent inadvertent short-circuiting.


The History Of Booster Packs and Jump Starters

A jump start, also known as a boost, is a process of jump-starting a car that has limited battery power. A temporary connection is made to the battery of another vehicle, or to an external source of power. The power provided by the external source recharges the disabled vehicle's battery and provides some of the power needed to crank the vehicle.

How To Bring A Dead Battery Back To Life?

To jump start a dead battery with a booster pack, you will need two things: an outlet and a booster cable. The best way to find an outlet is to check the battery's terminals. If one of the terminals is missing, it means the battery isn't working. To find the right Booster Pack for your vehicle, look online or in a store. The best option for most vehicles is an all-in-one pack that includes jumper cables and a power adapter.

How To Jump Start A Dead Battery With Jumper Cables

If you can't find an outlet or don't have enough juice to start your battery, you may need to jump start it using jumper cables. To do this, connect one end of the jumper cable to the input on your battery and the other end to an appropriate output terminal on your vehicle (vehicle must be turned on). Place your vehicle in park and press the pedal down firmly until you feel resistance (the car should start). You can also use this method if your battery is dead from overcharging or neglecting it during storage.

The Difference Between Booster Packs & Jumper Cables

A portable Booster Pack is a vehicle-specific package that contains essential cables and connectors for connecting your car's electrical system. Its design allows you to connect the power and accessories of your car in any location, making it easier and faster to get started.

What Are Jumper Cables?

Jumper cables are an integral part of any booster pack or electrical system, as they allow you to easily connect various devices and power sources to your vehicle. They come in different types, lengths, and colors so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

NOCO Booster Packs

The NOCO BOOST GB70 HD 2000A ULTRASAFE LITHIUM JUMP STARTER is a great booster pack for your vehicle. This battery offers a high power and jump start ability, making it the perfect choice for any car.


The GB40 NOCO BOOST PLUS 1000A ULTRASAFE LITHIUM JUMP STARTER is also a great booster pack for your vehicle. This battery offers enough power to jump start any engine, making it the perfect choice for vehicles that need assistance starting up.


Imagine reaching into your glove box and grabbing your NOCO Boost Pack. It provides more power are a great way to bring a dead battery back to life. By using NOCO booster packs, you can get the best performance out of your jump starter. Different NOCO boost packs have different solutions like also being a battery charger, have reverse polarity protection, spark proof technology, have ports for USB devices, have a flashlight, and can be used a power inverter. Our editor's pick is to choose one of our NOCO battery jump starters with the enhanced safety features to start your lead acid and lithium ion batteries in emergency situations.