Unleashing the Power of a Skidoo Battery

When powering through the snow, a reliable skidoo battery can make all the difference. Discover the BRS Super Battery, your key to enduring power and robust performance in the harshest winter conditions. This article breaks down its advanced features, installation guide, and why it stands out in the market - all without overstating or underselling its capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • The BRS Super Battery sets a new standard for snowmobile batteries with a 2-year warranty, lightweight design, faster charging, and resistance to extreme temperatures and vibration.

  • Installation of the BRS Super Battery is user-friendly, requiring basic tools and following a simple process that includes securing the battery with a hold-down bracket or strap and ensuring proper function with a dashboard check.

  • Designed for rugged use, the BRS Super Battery boasts a durable Lead Acid AGM / VRLA build, is maintenance-free, and is compatible across BRP - SKI-DOO Snowmobile models, ensuring it meets OEM standards and is ideal for power sports vehicles.

Introducing the BRS Super Battery: A Game-Changer for Snowmobilers

Snowmobile rider in action

Far from ordinary, the BRS Super Battery is a veritable powerhouse. As the latest entrant in the line of ski doo snowmobile batteries, it offers a 2-year warranty, underscoring its superior durability and sustained dependability. This long-term reliability is a testament to its exceptional design and the robust materials used in its construction, making it the ideal ski doo battery for your snowmobile.

The battery’s performance-enhancing features are what set it apart. Here are some of its key features:

  • Lightweight design contributes to a reduced overall weight of your snowmobile

  • Increased usable capacity

  • Charges faster

  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and vibration, contributing to its overall reliability.

Beyond that, the BRS Super Battery boasts a vibration-resistant design and exhibits exceptional performance in cold weather conditions. It’s also permanently sealed, which means you don’t have to worry about water loss, a common problem in regular snowmobile batteries. In short, it’s a power-packed performance enhancer for your ski doo snowmobile.

Installing Your Ski-Doo's New Power Core


BRS Super Battery
With a little patience and the right tools, you can easily install the BRS Super Battery into your Ski-Doo. Here’s how:
  1. Start by stabilizing your Ski-Doo.

  2. Disconnect and remove the existing battery.

  3. Clean the battery compartment and cable connectors. This ensures a seamless installation process.

Next, position the BRS Super Battery in the designated compartment. Make sure the orientation is correct. Connect the terminals, starting with the positive cable and then the negative cable. Ensure that the connections are firmly secured.

After installing the BRS Super Battery, follow these steps:

  1. Use the provided hold-down bracket or strap to secure it.

  2. Turn on your Ski-Doo to verify its proper functioning.

  3. Check for any warning lights on the dashboard before starting the engine.

Congratulations! Your snowmobile is now powered by the BRS Super Snowmobile Battery.

Crafting Durability and Performance

More than a mere power unit, the BRS Super Battery is:

  • A finely crafted piece of engineering

  • Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions

  • Engineered with high-performance maintenance-free technology

  • Resistant to shock and vibration

  • Well-suited for use in power sports vehicles

Robust Build for Rugged Rides

More than a simple battery, the BRS Super Battery is:

  • Crafted using Lead Acid AGM / VRLA (Pb) chemistry and high-performance AGM technology

  • Solid, lightweight, and durable

  • Engineered for long-lasting performance

Whether you’re navigating rough terrain, making hill jumps, or embarking on extended adventurous journeys, the BRS Super Battery is a durable companion for your rugged rides.

What’s more, its permanently sealed design eliminates water loss, enabling it to function effectively in muddy swamps and endure exposure to rough waters. So when you choose the BRS Super Battery, you’re choosing a battery that’s designed to go the distance, backed by a confident 2-year warranty.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Epitomizing hassle-free maintenance, the BRS Super Battery features a non-spillable design. Its non-spillable design offers the following benefits:

  • Averts electrolyte leakage

  • Lightweight construction

  • Prolonged lifespan

  • Minimal maintenance requirements

  • Ability to manage high electrical loads

  • Protection against fumes, hydrogen, and leakage.

Moreover, its resistance to shock and vibration not only enhances its durability but also guarantees its ability to maintain prolonged efficacy, especially in the challenging conditions commonly encountered in snowmobiling. The bottom line? With the BRS Super Battery, you get peace of mind, knowing that your snowmobile is always ready for action.

Compatibility and Integration

More than a mere battery, the BRS Super Battery is designed to integrate seamlessly with your snowmobile. It meets OEM standards, guaranteeing precise fit and performance in line with the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Whether you’re adding accessories or charging during rides, the BRS Super Battery integrates seamlessly with the electrical systems of most snowmobiles, without straining the system. Plus, it’s compatible with all models of BRP - SKI-DOO Snowmobiles, ensuring a wide range of snowmobile enthusiasts can take advantage of its OEM replacement characteristics.

The BRS Super Battery in Action

Snowmobile navigating through snowy terrain

In practice, the BRS Super Battery showcases true performance. Whether it’s braving the cold or undergoing rigorous testing, it demonstrates superior performance and long-lasting reliability. Backed by a 2-year warranty with no proration, it stands as a testament to its durability and dependability.

Cold Weather Conquest

Remarkably, the BRS Super Battery excels in cold conditions. Thanks to a unique electrolyte technology, it performs optimally even in extremely cold temperatures as low as -30C. Unlike most lithium batteries that tend to underperform in cold conditions, the BRS Super Battery, equipped with AGM technology, demonstrates superior performance.

While resistance of the BRS Super Battery increases in cold weather conditions, leading to decreased conductivity and impacting its capacity and performance, keeping the battery warm and insulated helps to maintain its capacity. So, even in the harshest winter, the BRS Super Battery stands ready to power your adventure.

Longevity and Reliability Trials

The BRS Super Battery is marked by its longevity and reliability. To ensure these, the battery is subjected to a battery of tests such as performance testing, capacity testing, and accelerated aging tests. These stringent procedures evaluate long-term performance and deterioration, ensuring its longevity and reliability.

In durability trials, the BRS Super Battery has repeatedly proven its mettle. It has received positive reviews for its endurance, particularly from platforms like Dirt Trax TV. It is proven to effectively hold charge and minimize the risk of explosions compared to standard snowmobile batteries.

The BRS Super Battery offers:

  • Higher electrical loads

  • Cranking amps

  • Quick recharge time

  • Resistance to vibration

Its special absorbed-glass mat keeps it sealed and prevents water loss, allowing it to hold charge three times longer than conventional batteries.

With a 2-year warranty that provides comprehensive coverage with full replacement, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.

Is the BRS Super Battery Worth the Investment?

Offering enduring performance benefits and long-term cost savings, the BRS Super Battery is a smart investment for snowmobile owners. It offers the following advantages:

  • Vibration resistance for withstanding challenging conditions

  • Power delivery from a lower level of discharge

  • Deep discharge capacity

  • Ability to deep cycle

  • Long charge retention

These benefits collectively substantiate its initial investment over time, as you find the returns outweigh the costs and address any questions.

Despite its price, the BRS Super Battery holds an appealing spot in the market. 

Is the BRS Super Battery a worthwhile investment? Undoubtedly. With its superior performance, exceptional durability, and long-term cost savings, it is a battery that delivers on its promise and lives up to the hype.


In conclusion, the BRS Super Battery is a game-changer in the world of snowmobile batteries. It not only boosts the performance of your snowmobile but also offers exceptional durability, a 2-year full replacement warranty, and is maintenance-free. Its ability to handle rough terrains and extreme conditions, coupled with its compatibility with various snowmobile models, makes it a worthwhile investment.

Whether you are a casual rider or a serious snowmobiler, the BRS Super Battery is designed to meet your needs. Its superior performance, even in extreme cold, its long-lasting reliability, and its hassle-free maintenance make it a must-have for every snowmobiler.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ski doo batteries last?

Ski doo batteries typically last between three and five years, but should be tested if they are older to ensure proper functioning. Regular maintenance can help extend the battery's lifespan. The BRS Super Battery can last 8 - 12 Years when kept on a maintainer when not in use.

Who makes Ski Doo batteries?

Our Ski-Doo batteries are made by BRS Battery.

What kind of battery does a snowmobile take?

Snowmobiles typically use 12-volt lithium or AGM batteries for power. These types of batteries are suitable for the demands of snowmobiles.

Will snowmobile run with dead battery?

Yes, a snowmobile will run with a dead battery, but it's best to avoid running it for long periods without a charged battery to maintain a stable electrical system.

What size battery do I need for a snowmobile?

To determine the battery size for your snowmobile check your current battery model number , measure the voltage requirements and consider the engine type.