Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries

Flooded Lead Acid Battery vs. a Sealed Lead Acid Battery or SLA Battery.

Let's address some questions about the differences between the two battery types:

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries and Sealed Lead Acid Batteries or SLA Batteries.

A flooded battery with lead acid chemistry is going to be your most typical and most common battery in the industry.

Compared to the sealed lead acid battery, which are sometimes referred to as a valve regulated lead acid or an AGM Battery, which stands for absorbent glass mat.

Each of these batteries are built with thin plates, consisting of positive plates, negative plates, and separator material.

SLA Batteries and AGM Batteries require sulfuric acid that need to be absorbed into the positive plate, negative plate, and internal surface area of the batteries. This process usually takes a few hours before the battery is ready for a full charge with the proper voltage.

Battery Voltage

The voltage of a fully charged battery is 12.8 volts

Gel Battery Type

I would also call it classify a gel battery as a seal type of lead acid of chemistry as well.

A gel battery is very similar to conventional lead acid batteries with the addition of silica to the electrolyte to create the gel like substance.

This thickening of the electrolyte means that gel batteries can be installed in a variety of positions and don’t emit as many fumes as SLA batteries / sealed lead acid batteries, and flooded lead acid batteries

On paper or at least on the surface, there are a lot of similarities between these two battery types.

Most of that has to do with their performance, their depth of discharge abilities and their warranty and cycle like

So on paper, the two batteries are pretty similar in all those regards.

The big standout difference between the two types of batteries has to do with battery maintenance.

So with the flooded lead acid battery, you do need to add water to these cells every so often.

You do need to perform periodic equalization and it's a good idea to have a hydrometer on hand, so you can check the specific gravity of the electrolyte in the batteries every so often.

And then finally, when a flooded led acid battery charged under certain conditions, it can produce hydrogen gas. So for that reason, most of the time let acid flooded lead acid battery, would need to be housed in a sealed enclosure or at least have some kind of an active ventilation system to get those fumes away from your equipment just just so we don't have any safety hazards there. So compared to an AGM battery or a sealed let us a battery. There is absolutely no maintenance required.

So with an AGM battery, you do not have to worry about watering them, equal charging, checking specific gravity, you don't have to worry about any ventilation issues. Because they are completely sealed and valve regulated this is no need to open the valve caps.

So that's gonna be the biggest advantage in going with an AGM Battery over a flooded battery is that they are maintenance free.

Other than that, they'll be pretty similar in terms of their size and weight and performance and efficiencies as I mentioned earlier.

The main advantage of an AGM Battery in general is that because it's maintenance free after you install the sulfuric acid active material and install the valve caps you don't ever open the battery again to add liquid or water because it is now completely sealed. If you open the valve caps it could possibly affect the battery life.


AGM batteries have the ability to last 8 - 12 years because it is a rechargeable battery.


Are Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, SLA batteries, or Flooded Batteries Deep Cycle Batteries?

Yes, however this is only true in certain applications.

A flooded deep cycle battery is a battery that has thick plates, large separators, and high-density paste material. This design resists the occurrence of corrosion from multiple charges and discharge cycles.

This battery type uses electrolyte fluid that completely submerges the plates. This fluid allows the battery to charge more efficiently and discharge at a steady rate. 

AGM – Absorbed glass mat (AGM) are sealed batteries that use woven glass fiber separators. The electrolyte in the battery is suspended within a close distance to the active plates. This provides excellent charge and discharges efficiency.

GEL Batteries – This type is similar to AGM but is still considered to be a wet cell battery. Gel cell batteries are best used in high deep cycle applications such as off-grid living and solar.

How To Extend The Life of SLA Batteries or Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, Lead Acid Batteries, and AGM Batteries

Best practice to give your lead acid batteries, SLA batteries, gel batteries, and AGM batteries a long life is to prevent a full discharge of your batteries because it could damage the lead plates and cause sulfation which is common with lead acid batteries.

We recommend connecting pig tails to your battery terminals - which allows you to charge your battery without removing it from your machine. They are low cost and are available on website. They are compatible on a small battery and a large battery.


may not last as long as their flooded counterparts mostly because you can't really do anything to maintain them and boost their efficiency in case they're getting low. There are some other pros and cons between the two battery chemist, but I'd say for the most part the the maintenance question is gonna be the biggest difference between a sealed lead acid battery and a flooded led acid battery.

What Is The Best Battery Type for an ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, UTV, Jet Ski, etc.

We recommend and AGM Battery because there are several advantages:

✅  100% Charged and Ready To Go When It Arrives To You!


✅  Non-Spillable Sealed Design


✅  AGM Technology Allows Repeated Charges and Discharges Without Diminished Performance


✅ Long-Lasting Performance Even In Demanding Applications


✅  Shock & Vibration Resistant


✅ High Performance Maintenance-Free OEM Battery For All Power Sports Vehicles such as Motorcycles, ATV's, Side by Sides, UTV's, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, and more.


✅ Permanently sealed special absorbed-glass mat battery eliminates water loss. No need to add any liquid to the battery


✅ Holds charge three times longer than conventional batteries


✅ High performance active material with anti-sulfation additive


✅ High capacity and cranking performance


✅ Maintenance Free – No additional water needed


✅ Sealed Valve Regulated


✅ Spill and Leak Proof


✅ Deep discharge protection


✅ Plate grids from lead-calcium alloy, free of antimony


✅  Long Shelf – Charged and ready for use


✅ Excellent starting and cycling


✅ Installs in any position except upside down 

Check out the BRS Super Battery...

What Makes The BRS Super Battery Special

The BRS Super Battery is a sealed valve regulated High Performance Super Charged AGM Battery.

It's different from SLA batteries or sealed lead acid battery and conventional lead acid batteries because it's super charged with a industrial high frequency charger that increases the maximum surface area of your battery and increases the battery life and performance.

We invented a specialized expert 5 step process to prepare each and every battery before its shipped to you.

Here’s what we do to ensure the quality, performance, and lifespan of each AGM battery:

Step 1: Fill battery to the correct levels with 1.265 SG Electrolyte with creates a chemical reaction with the active material.

Step 2: Let sit for 1 hr. so the Glass Mat plates are able to absorb the electrolytes properly.

Step 3: Charge battery at 900 Mah Amps until the virgin plates are fully formed with our high frequency charger.

Step 4: Let sit for 12 hrs. and record voltage . Has to maintain 12.6-12.8V to pass.

Step 5: If it passes the voltage test, it’s ready to ship out to you.

Yes...This process takes more time and effort but that’s what makes our batteries different. Most retailers don't have a clue about this because they aren't a real "Battery Shop."

The key is to form the plates properly from Day 1 on the first initial charge.

It’s the reason our battery quality is superior!

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