ENERGIZER 12V Alkaline Batteries A23 - 2 pack - A23BPZ For Key FOB, Camera, Glucose and Blood Monitors

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  • Energizer A23 Miniature Alkaline 12V Batteries, delivering long-lasting, reliable power to your gadgets
  • Compatible with a variety of devices, including your camera, video game controllers, Bluetooth headsets, and glucose and blood monitors
  • Cell size: A23; Type: Miniature Alkaline; Volt: 12
  • Replacement for: 1181A, A23BP, DL21, DL23, MN-21B, MN21, V23GA
  • These zero-mercury Energizer Alkaline batteries responsibly power devices with less impact on the environment
  • Powerful: Energizer Specialty Batteries are built to meet the requirements of today's high-powered device                                                                                    
  • Overview                                                                                                            Alkaline A23 Battery delivers optimal power for keyless entry and garage door openers.
  • 12-volt battery is specially designed for electronic applications that may require high rate pulses.
  • It is mercury-free. Cell size is A23. Miniature battery with a metal jack and flat contact is a replacement for 1181A and A23BP, DL21, DL23, MN-21B, MN21 and V23GA

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