PriorityStart! 24V ProMax H.D. Automatic Battery Protector


PriorityStart! 24V ProMax H.D. Automatic Battery Protector

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24V ProMax H.D. (PSI-24V-PROMAXHD) Key Highlights:

  • Enhanced Load Capacity: Designed for those needing extra power, perfect for heavy-duty applications.
  • Universal Application: Works just like the 12V system but for 24V systems, making it ideal for farming, military, and international vehicles.
  • Automatic Protection: Prevents battery drain by automatically disconnecting at 23.6 volts, ensuring your battery stays charged.
  • Easy Installation: Installs in the same straightforward manner as the 12V version, with no complicated wiring required.
  • Designed for Accessories: Ideal for vehicles with multiple accessories that drain power, keeping your battery efficient.
  • Reliable and Lightweight: Trusted technology packed into a compact 1.5 lbs device that doesn't add bulk to your setup.
  • Maintains Battery Health: Protects against power drains, ensuring your vehicle or heavy equipment starts when needed.
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This device is a must-have for ensuring your 24-volt systems are protected from unwanted power drains, maintaining efficiency and readiness in demanding environments.


Elevate the reliability and efficiency of your heavy-duty vehicles or equipment with the innovative 24V ProMax H.D., designed specifically for 24-volt systems. Ideal for those in the farming sector, military operations, or navigating the varied terrains outside of the United States, this ultimate power protection solution stands unmatched. Its core functionality—to automatically disconnect at a pre-set threshold of 23.6 volts—prevents power drain, ensuring your battery maintains the essential charge needed for immediate starts. This critical feature guarantees that your vehicle or equipment is always ready for action, eliminating any concerns of being stranded due to battery failure.


The installation process of the 24V ProMax H.D. is as easy as 1,2,3, making it accessible for you to set up without the need for professional assistance or complex wiring. This user-friendly design is not only a testament to the device's advanced engineering but also ensures that anyone can benefit from its protective capabilities without hassle. Weighing in at just 1.5 lbs, it integrates seamlessly into your vehicle's system, adding significant value without the bulk.


Investing in the 24V ProMax H.D. transcends mere battery protection; it's a commitment to operational readiness and efficiency. The device ensures that the addition of multiple accessories—often critical to your operations—does not compromise your battery's performance, especially when the engine is off. This safeguard against downtime not only saves time and money but also provides peace of mind, knowing that your heavy-duty applications are protected against unexpected power drains. Make the smart choice for your vehicles and equipment, ensuring they're always prepared to perform, no matter the conditions.


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