AGM Batteries

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AGM Batteries

AGM Batteries

Ordinary conventional batteries like a standard flooded battery or sealed lead acid batteries don't stand a chance in today's power hungry power sports vehicles.

ATV's, Motorcycles, UTV's, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, Scooters, Jet Ski's have more bells and whistles, accessories, and options than ever before.

Twenty years ago, power sports vehicles had about twenty electrical loads, now there are more than one hundred fifty.

The BRS Super Battery offers the most advanced absorbent glass mat technology or AGM technology.

Absorbent glass mat batteries also known as AGM batteries are more than capable to handle today's power demands.

AGM batteries provide the ultimate combination of reliability, durability, and safety.

Our precision engineered AGM batteries are built to provide up to 12 years of battery life compared to the 2 - 3 years of a standard flooded battery.

The History of AGM Batteries

In the early 1980's AGM technology became popular as a sealed lead acid battery for military aircraft, vehicles and UPS to reduce weight and improve reliability.

AGM batteries require electrolyte that must fully soak into the lead plates. This electrolyte is also known as sulfuric acid and is absorbed by a very fine fiberglass mat, making the battery spill-proof. This enables shipment without hazardous material restrictions.

The plates can be made flat to resemble a standard flooded lead acid pack in a rectangular case; they can also be wound into a circular cylindrical cell.

AGM batteries have a lower internal resistance, are capable of delivering powerful bursts of high currents on demand and offers a relatively long service life, even when deep cycled.

An AGM battery is maintenance free, provides good electrical reliability, and weighs less than the flooded lead acid type.

While regular lead acid batteries need a topping charge every six months to prevent the buildup of sulfation, AGM batteries are less prone to sulfation and can sit in storage for longer before a charge becomes necessary.

The AGM battery stands up well to low temperatures and has a low self-discharge.

The leading advantages of AGM technology are a charge that is up to five times faster than the flooded version, and the ability to deep cycle.

However, AGM batteries for ATV's, Motorcycles, UTV's, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, Scooters, Jet Ski's are not deep cycle batteries.

AGM batteries offer a depth-of-discharge of 80 percent; the flooded, on the other hand, is specified at 50 percent DoD to attain the same cycle life.

There are many benefits of AGM Batteries in addition to increased lifespan, here's a list of some of the other AGM battery advantages...

AGM Battery Benefits

100% maintenance free - No need to add additional electrolyte, sulfuric acid, or water

Spill proof

Shock proof

Leak proof

Vibration resistent

Sealed valve regulated to release gas in case of excessive internal pressure build up.

Deep discharge protection

Holds a charge 3 times longer than conventional batteries

High capacity and cranking performance

High performance active material with anti-sulfation additive

Long lasting performance even in demanding applications

Plate grids from lead-calcium alloy, free of antimony

Permanently sealed special absorbed-glass mat battery eliminates water loss.

AGM Technology Allows Repeated Charges and Discharges Without Diminished Performance

Excellent starting and cycling

Installs in any position except upside down 

How To Extend The Life of An AGM Battery

To extend the life of a BRS Super Battery or any AGM battery for that matter, is to keep your battery fully charged by using a trickle charging system or battery maintainer.

What Are The Different Lead Acid Battery Types?

SLA and VRLA are different acronyms for the same battery, Sealed Lead Acid or Valve Regulated Lead Acid. This battery type has the following characteristics: Maintenance-free, leak-proof, position insensitive. This kind of battery has a safety vent to release gas in case of excessive internal pressure build up. AGM, Absorbed Glass Mat refers to a specific type of SLA/VRLA where the electrolyte is absorbed into separators between the plates consisting of sponge like fine glass fiber mats.

What Is A Gel Battery?

Gel batteries utilize a special type of silica gel that holds electrolytes together. The thick consistency of the material allows electrons to flow freely from the plates.

Gel batteries tend to lose power faster than AGM batteries, especially at lower temperatures. This is because of the gelled Thixotropic composition of the battery.

AGM batteries work in extreme weather, making them suitable for power-hungry winter utilities such as snowmobiles.

A Gel battery must be recharged correctly, or else it will suffer premature failure. A scar inside its jelly material can create packets that will corrode the plates.


What makes BRS Super Battery AGM Batteries different?

It's all about the quality and preparation of our batteries.

Our Batteries Are Super Charged With Our Breakthrough Super Charger Technology and

We invented a specialized expert 5 step process to prepare each and very battery before its shipped to you.

Here’s what we do to ensure the quality, performance, and lifespan of each AGM battery:

Step 1: Fill battery to the correct levels with 1.265 SG Electrolyte

Step 2: Let sit for 1 hr. so the Glass Mat plates are able to absorb the electrolytes properly.

Step 3: Charge battery at 900 Mah Amps until the virgin plates are fully formed.

Step 4: Let sit for 12 hrs. and record voltage . Has to maintain 12.6-12.8V to pass.

Step 5: If it passes the voltage test, it’s ready to ship out to you.

Yes...This process takes more time and effort but that’s what makes our batteries different. Most retailers don't have a clue about this because they aren't a real "Battery Shop."

The key is to form the plates properly from Day 1 on the first initial charge. It’s the reason our battery quality is superior!

Our breakthrough Super Charger technology uses patented high frequency algorithms to deliver a specific frequency to the virgins plates which creates “craters” that increases the surface area of the plates, resulting in an increase in cranking capacity (amperage) - lifespan, and performance. 

Our battery case keeps components under compression even in the most extreme conditions. Our AGM separators are tightly compressed this improves cycling vibration resistance and extends battery life This allows the plates to accept charges quicker for faster recharge and the high density glass mats improves cycling performance for high accessory loads

Our AGM batteries are more corrosion resistant and the plate grids create superior cranking power and better electrical flow. The thick AGM plates absorb acid and prevent spilling which is at the heart of our AGM battery technology.

One key thing to remember about the BRS Super Battery is that it is prepared by a certified BRS Battery technician and is factory sealed.

This means you don't have to worry about messing with electrolyte or acid packs.

We ensure that your battery is properly filled with electrolyte and the separators evenly absorb and contain the liquid in the plate grids, making this battery the safest solution and allowing installation in any position except upside down.

A dual sealed valve assembly and vent caps are made of engineered rubber and resists breakdown, so there is no need to remove the vent caps because if there is a pressure buildup, the innovative venting system safely releases the gas in a controlled manner then tightly re-seals itself.

Also, when you upgrade to a BRS Super Battery, your battery arrives fully charged so all you have to do is install your new battery, turn the key, and go!

In Conclusion

Our AGM battery is for today's power sports vehicles with precision engineered for proven performance. Installing an AGM battery is the way to go because AGM Batteries perform extremely well in cold climates compared to a conventional battery, traditional flooded batteries, lead battery, lead acid batteries, or other types of flooded batteries.

AGM and SLA Batteries with AGM technology have enough cranking power and starting amps. So much so, that they are used in Military aircraft and high performance and start stop vehicles.

AGM batteries don't require any new battery acid because they are 100% maintenance free.

AGM batteries are seal valve regulated so they automatically release pressure and vent gas from the battery.

Also when you properly maintain your battery with a battery maintainer you are more environmentally friendly because you don't waste on replacing your battery every year or 2.

AGM Batteries have a long life span of 8 - 12 Years thus saving you tons of money on replacement battery costs.

BRS Battery wants to make sure you never spend another dime on a battery for the next 10 years with our unbeatable full replacement 10 year warranty with no proration. This means if your battery does not perform as promised for the next 10 years, you will receive a new battery at no additional costs to you.



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