PriorityStart! 12Volt ProMax - Automatic Vehicle Battery Protector


PriorityStart! 12Volt ProMax - Automatic Vehicle Battery Protector

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PriorityStart! 12Volt ProMax (PSI-12V-PROMAX) Quick Highlights:

  • Auto Battery Protection: Stops dead batteries by cutting off power drains automatically.
  • Easy Reconnect: Just step on the brake or use a light to restart without hassle.
  • DIY Setup: Install in 3 simple steps, no complex wiring needed.
  • Trusted Tech: 20+ years of reliability, favored by police, utilities, and fleets.
  • For Heavy-Duty Electronics: Perfect for vehicles with gadgets like GPS, radios, and more.
  • Full Vehicle Safety: Protects your battery, alternator, and electrical system.
  • Fully Automatic: No buttons or manual steps needed for operation.
  • Saves Money & Time: Pays for itself by preventing costly dead batteries.
  • Light & Compact: Only 1.5 lbs, easily fits without taking up space.
  • Sensitive to Voltage: Disconnects below 11.7 volts and reconnects with slight load changes.
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Enhance your driving experience and safeguard your vehicle with the PriorityStart! 12Volt ProMax, the ultimate solution in automatic battery protection technology. With this innovative device, the days of being stranded due to a dead battery are behind you. Here's why PriorityStart! stands out:


Effortless Automatic Disconnection: Say goodbye to dead batteries for good. PriorityStart! proactively monitors your battery's voltage when the engine is off, automatically disconnecting any power drain – even from electrical shorts. This ensures your battery retains enough power to start your vehicle, every time.


Seamless Reconnection with Ease: Reactivating your battery is as simple as engaging your brake pedal or flicking a light switch. No manual intervention is required; no buttons to press, no hood to raise. PriorityStart! automatically reconnects with any minor load change, ensuring a hassle-free start.


DIY Friendly Installation: Installing PriorityStart! is a breeze, with just three straightforward steps and no complex wiring. Connect your vehicle's positive cable to PriorityStart!, link the device's cable to your battery's positive post, and attach the ground wire to the negative post. That's all there is to it!


Two Decades of Trusted Performance: Backed by 20 years of proven technology, PriorityStart! is the trusted choice for safeguarding your vehicle's battery, alternator, and electrical system. Its reliability is why thousands of law enforcement agencies, utility companies, and fleet operators, especially those utilizing heavy-duty electronics, depend on it daily.


Comprehensive Protection and Savings: The PriorityStart! 12Volt ProMax is not just a device; it's an investment in peace of mind, safety, and financial savings. It prevents the costly consequences of a dead battery, including potential damage to the battery itself, the alternator, and the electrical system. Plus, it's designed to be fully automatic, meaning it pays for itself from the very first use. With a compact weight of just 1.5 lbs, it's a small addition that makes a significant impact.


In short, the PriorityStart! 12Volt ProMax is more than a battery protector; it's your vehicle's guardian, ensuring you and your family remain safe, and your vehicle ready to start no matter what. Protect your peace of mind, your time, and your wallet with PriorityStart!




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